3 Steps to Spiritual Awakening


"This experience 
of separation and stress,
of being a person
separate from everything else
is something you are doing.

You are contracting
moment to moment
into identifying with thinking,
identifying with the body,
identifying with the idea of
who you think yourself to be
and how life is supposed to be.

And this contraction
blocks you from experiencing
your true nature of peace.

So then
how do you stop 
this contraction?
How do you stop
creating this suffering?

Lets put it in 3 parts:

The first is practice:
spending time every day
actively practicing
a meditation technique.

The main reason for this
is to focus your mind;
to focus your attention.

With focused attention,
awareness begins to grow
and you begin to experience
life beyond the confines
of the intellectual and emotional mind.

Second is to immerse yourself in Shakti.

Whether it is sitting with an
enlightened teacher
that radiates Shakti,
and/or meditating with
the Calling or Infinite Sky CDs,

this Shakti will awaken
you from the inside out,
giving you a direct experience of bliss 
that is almost impossible
to experience on your own.

Third is to surrender,
to allow your experience 
in this moment
to be exactly as it is
without trying to control it,
change it
or even identify with it.

To experience this moment directly,
without carrying your past
around with you and 
believing yourself to be that.

Let go of the idea of yourself
and let your attention rest 
in the sensations 
that you feel in this moment
instead of perceiving
this moment through thinking.

If you do these three things
you will begin to feel alive in a way
you never did before,
you will begin to experience
your true nature as peace.

It is the difference between
thinking about bliss
and living as bliss itself.






Please Note:

The easiest & most effective way
to awaken yourself into deep states
of meditation and bliss is
by receiving Shakti.

Usually Shakti is awakened
by an enlightened master
but it can also be awakened
in the same way through sound.

So simply by listening to some unique music
and focusing on the bliss you feel,
you awaken to your natural state of unconditional
peace, bliss and freedom.

Have a listen to the Infinite Sky or The Calling CDs
and allow the Shakti of the music
to awaken you to bliss.


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