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Interview with Kip Mazuy
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How You Can Have a Spiritual Awakening Within a Short Period of Time

Experience The Bliss for Yourself:

After a spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created a revolutionary sound technology that transmits Shakti to the listener through sound, allowing you to experience deep states of meditation & bliss very quickly. 

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, bliss and cosmic consciousness while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" and "The Calling." 

Kip is also known for his no-nonsense teachings on meditation and spiritual awakening and meditates with people all over the world to help awaken them to their natural state of peace.

How to have a Spiritual Awakening through an advanced meditation technique

Learn This Advanced Meditation Technique
That Can Quickly Lead You into Having a Spiritual Awakening 

a spiritual awakening

But what happens is thinking pulls you out of it. So many thoughts arise to grab your attention and bring you back into thought identification. The thought arises and your attention as a reflex goes to that thought and you become that thought, you become your thinking.

The mind wants you to remain identified with thoughts. Your attention to your thinking empowers the mind, it is its food. If your attention is on thinking, then your mind dominates your experience. If you turn your attention away from thinking, to what is beyond thinking, then awareness is empowered, a spiritual awakening begins to happen.

So in order to have your complete focus on the sensation of existing, it is necessary surrender every thought that arises. With intense focus, surrender the thoughts as they arise.  You can get to the point where the thought does not even fully become a thought before you surrender it.  In this way, your attention is completely turned away from thinking.

This is not a meditation technique where witnessing thoughts works because even that requires a certain amount of attention on thinking.

So intense should be your focus on what is here beyond the mind, that thoughts may not even arise. It requires great intensity because you naturally are pulled to identify with the thoughts. It is a very powerful pull.

Just like an alcoholic wants a drink: one drink and all the discomfort will go away. Same with thinking: Just let your focus fall back into thinking and all the discomfort and intensity will go away.

Because it can be uncomfortable, it can be very intense going completely beyond the mind. And there is a certain pleasure in being lost in thought.

But the more you practice this meditation technique, the more it can become passive, the more you can relax into what is beyond the mind and a spiritual awakening can occur.

So it does require great intensity, great focus to keep turning away from thinking into what is here beyond thought and remaining in what is beyond thought.

To even say remaining does not cut it, because it is not a place where you can remain. It is not a thing or a place rather it is the absence of things and places, the absence of everything known, eternally fresh and new. 

And through intense practice of this meditation technique you realize this absence is the light of bliss, you become a light bulb of bliss.

Very quickly a spiritual awakening can happen this way for one who has the discipline.

But please note: The easiest way to have a spiritual awakening is through "shaktipat:" the spiritual energy one naturally radiates in the highest states of meditation.

In the past, the only way to receive shaktipat was from sitting with an enlightened teacher. Simply by sitting with someone who is in a very high state of meditation, you naturally are pulled into a deep blissful state of meditation.   There is no effort needed.  In fact, the effort above can be an obstacle to meditation happening.  With Shaktipat, meditation simply happens.

Recently, because of breakthroughs in audio recording, you can now receive Shaktipat through sound.  You can have this same experience through listening to a unique shaktipat CD. 

By listening to CDs like Infinite Sky or Pure you receive Shakti & automatically begin to experience deep meditation & bliss.

There is an advanced meditation technique that can directly lead you to having a spiritual awakening.

And that is to close your eyes and notice what is here beyond all thinking. Beyond any thought there is a subtle experience of existing. You can feel it.

If you give your complete focus to this feeling of existing then this feeling expands very quickly. You can have a spiritual awakening within a short period of time if you have the discipline to keep your focus on what is here beyond thinking.
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