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5 Advanced Meditation Techniques (Check out # 4)

Advanced Meditation Techniques #1
Becoming Aware of Awareness:

"One great meditation technique is witnessing thoughts.

First you just allow thinking to be, and rest in the allowing.
Your attention is not focused on being involved with the thoughts
but on the allowing of thinking, of getting out the way completely.

If you rest in the allowing, then automatically there is awareness.

As you rest in this awareness, thoughts come and go and you remain the witness to them. 

This is an advanced meditation technique so if you are new to meditation, you might want to start with something easier like watching the breath or silently repeating a mantra with each breath.   That is also just as effective as a more advanced meditation technique.

You can also practice witnessing every thought that arises
so that in the witnessing, the thoughts that arise simply burn away
in awareness.  The awareness is so dominant, that thoughts burn away as soon as they arise.  They disappear back into consciousness.

And once witnessing is established in this way, if the mind is quiet enough,
you can turn attention back upon itself.  You can become aware of the witnessing itself.

In this, you've shortened the loop.

If you are just witnessing, then thoughts arise and disappear in consciousness.

But if you turn this witnessing attention back upon itself, then there is no room for thinking, there is no room for anything, there is only the essence of awareness.

Awareness is only aware of itself.   This is not better than the first way of witnessing thought, but there is an intensity to this technique that is extremely delightful.



Advanced Meditation Techniques #2
Zen Meditation Technique

"In meditation, let your attention rest on that which is transcendent
of thought and emotion.

Look within and find that which you are which is transcendent of thought;
which is transcendent of everything.

Which exists beyond everything and cannot be removed.

It could also be said: realize that awareness itself is transcendent of thought
and rest in that.

Transcendent meaning it is untouched by thought, emotion or physicality.

Thoughts or emotions can be there, but awareness is untouched by them
like water off of a ducks back.

So let your attention rest in the awareness  that is free from all thinking, or find through subtle feeling that which is transcendent of thought and let your attention rest in that.

The two are the same.

Try to think about it or understand it and you will miss it.

It is something you simply have to do.

Much love,

"'I am' and 'everything is' are the same.

As a meditation technique, you may start with resting in 'I am,'
and feeling your sense of being that is beyond thinking.
You may even silently repeat "I am" with every breath to help
you be aware of the feeling of I am.

As you rest in the feeling of 'I am' that may turn into the feeling that 'everything simply is.'  In this, separation between you and the world dissolves and everything becomes one.

The sense of 'I am'  has merged into the isness itself.

That is one way to consider it.

If you are identified with thoughts
then you are identified with being
a 'me' that is separate from this moment.

There is a desperate self importance to it;
the sense 'these thoughts matter.'
And then you are imprisoned by thinking.
Thoughts themselves dictate your experience.

Without identification with thoughts,
there is no sense of being a separate 'me.'

And without that sense of separateness,
first, you may feel a feeling of simply being.

Then that may open up to a sense
of being consciousness itself, of just witnessing.
And in witnessing there is just the isness,
where everything merges into one existence.

When all is one, then all is peace.

It is just a matter of relaxing your attention
out of your thinking, out of self importance,
and into the already existing awareness
that is the foundation of this moment.

Allowing this moment to be and in that allowing
you are no longer involved with the
thinking 'me' and thus you relax back
into your natural state of awareness.

It is very simple, very relaxed.
No controlling or forcing.

But if there are too many thoughts
and you find you are getting too caught up,
you have all the various spiritual practices
and meditation techniques that you can use
to purify the mind and body.

And with enough spiritual & meditation practice,
the power behind your thoughts dissipates
and the isness that you are and everything is becomes easily realized.

Much love,


Advanced Meditation Techniques #3
"'I Am' Leads to 'The Isness' of Everything"

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Advanced Meditation #4
Let Your Attention Be Absorbed in the Highest Bliss

mindfulness meditation techniques

Advanced Meditation Techniques #5
The Importance of Shaktipat


After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created a revolutionary method to transmit Shakti to the listener through sound, allowing you to experience advanced states of meditation & bliss very quickly regardless of which meditation techniques you practice.

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, bliss & spiritual awakenings while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" and "The Calling."

Kip is also known for his no-nonsense teachings on meditation and self realization and meditates with people all over the world to help awaken them to their natural state of inner peace.

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No matter what advanced meditation techniques you practice, you need Shakti in order to realize the highest states of meditation.  Shakti is the energy one radiates in a high state of enlightenment that awakens you into enlightenment.

When you receive Shakti, you feel it as energy or peace or bliss.  By resting your attention in this bliss, meditation happens.

In the past, you can only receive Shakti from an enlightened Guru.  But because of breakthroughs in sound recording, you can now receive Shakti through sound. 

The CDs Pure, Infinite Sky  & Shakti Silence transmit Shakti.  So simply by listening to the meditation music on these CDs, you are awakened into states of advanced meditation, bliss & spiritual awakening.  It is that easy.

Trying to meditate on your own without Shakti usually leads to only superficial results.  But with Shakti, you can awaken into states of bliss beyond your wildest dreams.
"Your attention is free to go wherever it likes.
So let your attention be absorbed
in the highest state of bliss you have experienced.

If you have experienced any level of peace, bliss or love,
whatever is the highest you have experienced,
you can go back there just by directing your attention to it.

Even if it is just for a few seconds at a time,
let your attention be so absorbed in the bliss, love or peace
that you lose yourself in it.

Or let your attention be so absorbed in the tools
or practices that take you into bliss
that you lose yourself in them.

Listening to the Shakti CDs
and feeling the bliss transmitted in the music
is an easy way to awaken the bliss.
Or sitting with an enlightened teacher that can transmit bliss.
Or follow the mantra or meditation technique
that takes you to bliss and be so absorbed that
you lose yourself in it.

Too often we get stuck in the same thought patterns;
the same worries, same desires, same judgments,
opinions or analysis.

And we just replay the same old record
over and over and over.

Our attention keeps getting absorbed in the thoughts
hoping they may change, hoping to think our way out.
But in letting our attention be absorbed in them
we actually reinforce them.

But in any moment, you can let your attention be absorbed
in the highest state of bliss that is possible for you.

I say the highest state because the mind
also likes to stay quite limited
to what you believe you can experience
and you want to go beyond that limitation.

You want to direct your attention
completely out of your thinking mind
and into supreme bliss, joy, peace or love.

Not by thinking about it or imagining it,
but by bringing your attention into it.

The highest bliss is already here in this moment.
It is just a matter of awakening the bliss in the way that works for you,
turning your attention to it
and then being so absorbed in the bliss
you lose yourself for a while.

Then you will be very happy.

Much love,

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