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How to Practice Awareness Meditation
(3 Powerful Meditation Techniques)

"Awareness cannot be known
by the intellectual part of the mind.

But the mind can and does
recognize awareness through feeling.

It may feel it as peace, as bliss, as love.
It may feel it as formless being, 
energy, silence, the witness 
or even as a sense of freedom.

And through feeling,
the mind can recognize awareness
and very naturally, it will be drawn to awareness 
for the feeling it gives.

It feels good, it feels right, it feels pure.
Your whole being is attracted to this goodness.

But the other aspect of awareness cannot be recognized with the mind.

For this aspect of awareness to be realized,
the mind must surrender itself completely.
The mind gets sucked into awareness like a black hole.

In thoughtless awareness,
the mind disappears completely into its essence
in order to realize its essence.

And what that essence is cannot be defined.
One could say nothingness, pure consciousness,
pure light,  but those words do not touch it.
It is why it is called 'neti neti' or 'not this, not this'
as it is beyond all comprehension.

It is beyond everything.

What is there cannot be understood with words
except to say there is only that.
At that level of awareness, there is only one.
There is only pure consciousness, pure light.

But what is again recognized by the mind
is the exquisite peace and joy that comes 
out of that nothingness
and then in turn is felt as all and everything.

Much love,


"Feeling" Awareness in Meditation

Awareness Meditation Technique # 2:
Attention Falls Back onto Itself

"In the path of awareness, in meditation,
you learn to stop paying attention
to the content of thoughts
and begin to rest your attention
on the awareness that is aware of thoughts.

Which is to say attention falls back into itself.

Awareness relaxes into itself.
You surrender that action
of contracting awareness into thinking
and let it rest in its natural place of awareness.

There is no subject-object,
there is only consciousness.

You do not gain something in this
but rather, you lose everything.

By resting your attention deeply into awareness
you move deep into nothingness,
into the absence of everything.

Once you taste this nothingness,
you are drawn to it, to the purity of it,
to the lack of any sense of separateness,
to the lack of any stress or sense of 'I.'

In some sense, although you recognize
it is your own undoing,
you are drawn to that undoing,
you are desperate for that undoing.

Because you taste 
that the undoing of any sense of 'I'
into pure silence, pure consciousness
is absolute freedom.

You are released into pure peace.

Then there is just that oneness.

A single step while walking can feel timeless,
completely void of anything
yet full of the entirety all at once.

Much love,

thoughtless awareness

Awareness Meditation Technique # 3:
Resting in This Moment

"It does not take any effort to rest in this moment.

You simply have to stop resisting this moment.

In meditation, first you become aware
that you are resisting this moment.

Not intellectually, but to actually feel that action
of resistance to this moment;
that action of always looking ahead
or looking behind this moment.

And then you let go of that resistance.

You accept your experience in this moment which means you give up trying to manipulate this moment and you fall into it.

You fall into feeling what is really here, the sensation or sensations
that make up self-existing being in this moment.

It has nothing to do with thinking.  You can't think your way into awareness.
Rather you let go of perceiving reality through thought and emotion
and actually feel this moment directly.

It is already happening.  Awareness already is. You just have to allow it.

A rock does not need to make its way to the bottom of the ocean.
It naturally sinks to the bottom.

Attention naturally rests in the fathomless peace
of this present moment if you allow it.

Much Love,

present moment

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