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"There is no doubt, there is a lot of negativity in this world.

From the news, media, the internet,the people around you,
your conditioning; It is hard to get away from it.

And for some reason, the mind is drawn to it.

You experience something negative,
an email, something someone said
and you don't read it or hear it once, you keep going back to it.

It keeps replaying in your mind.
And that poison has an effect on your life.

Even the aggression in a movie you watched
or music you heard gets into you, has an effect on you.

Just awareness in the form of witnessing in my experience is not enough
to always get beyond the clutches of negativity.

It is most likely necessary
to place your attention on something that directly
awakens you into the feeling of your essential peace or bliss
and to give your attention to that.

It could be silently repeating the name of a Saint, God or Guru.
It could be silently repeating a mantra.

Even self inquiry could fit into this category if by asking 'who am I,'
it awakens you into the bliss of being.

Whatever gives your mind something to focus on
& awakens the feeling of nurturing peace & bliss,
give your attention to it
instead of allowing the mind to fall back into negativity.

I am not talking about positive thinking at all in this,
but rather something that you can focus on that awakens bliss;
that transcends positive & negative;
that connects you to the essential bliss that is at your essence.

Every time your attention is directed
in this way to bliss & you feel the bliss,
then you are already fulfilled & nurtured just in that.

But every time your attention goes into negativity,
your entire being is affected by it.

Both are magnets that pull you deeper towards it.
If your attention is directed towards negativity,
then negativity pulls you in,
consumes you, takes over your life.

But every time your attention is directed towards peace,
then peace pulls you in,
consumes you, takes over your life.

It is why Shakti is so necessary.

If you sit with an enlightened being
and feel the bliss that is Shakti,
then your attention is drawn into it
& you are automatically transformed in bliss.

The Shakti CDs like Pure & Infinite Sky etc.
People talk about having a relationship with them.
They feel the Shakti in the music
and their attention is drawn into it,
nurtured by it and it transforms them.

Whatever works for you,
whatever is a direct connection to bliss,
give your attention to it.

Every moment you do,
you move deeper into it,
your whole life will move deeper into bliss;
into living closer to your essence of pure peace.

Much love,


How to Realize Bliss in Meditation 2

"Bliss is not an emotion or even a state of being.

It has nothing to do with outward appearance or personality.

The same bliss animates anger, sadness, happiness, and humour.

It is the electricity that powers emotions, powers the physical,
and the mental.

It is in everything and remains also as nothing.

When you experience that this same bliss is the underlying current
of every experience and non experience, there is incredible freedom.

When you fully allow  the personality to be exactly as it is
while remaining aware, you realize your true nature as bliss.

How to Realize Bliss in Meditation 3

"The first part of realizing bliss in meditation is to find those
meditation techniques, tools and teachers that successfully
help awaken you to bliss and make use of them.

The second part is to create environments for yourself that
allow this bliss to growso that every part of your life can
become about living in bliss.

It means bringing this bliss awareness into your home,
your work,  your social interaction.

It may mean keeping a distance from aggressive people,
aggressive music, aggressive television and
aggressive media.

Anything that creates more drama, more conflict, more negativity, more hatred, 
anything that takes you out of oneness and back into separation should be dropped.

The third part of realizing bliss is to turn your actual body into an environment of bliss.

From the foods you eat, to cutting out all recreational drugs and alcohol,
to exercise,  to purification techniques that may include breathing techniques,
japa, chanting and meditation and to blasting your body with Shakti
through the Shakti Meditation CDs or an enlightened teacher.

You make your body as pure as possible so that the bliss can easily begin
to awaken and expand every  energy channel of your body.

The fourth part of realizing bliss is to fall in love with it, to give it your complete attention to this bliss-energy so that everything that arises in the form of thought, feeling and action, you offer to bliss.

Rather than holding on to what arises,  you readily allow it to be burned away
in the bliss of consciousness.

Through offering your loving attention to bliss in this way, you become bliss itself.

Every part of your existence becomes infused in bliss; your words, your breath, your touch, your gaze, your interaction with others, it all becomes about bliss.  It all becomes about love.

Otherwise it's just not worth it.

Much love,

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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created a revolutionary sound technology that transmits Shakti to the listener through sound, allowing you to experience deep states of bliss & meditation very quickly regardless of which meditation technique you practice.

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, bliss & spiritual awakenings while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" and "The Calling."

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