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Consciousness Is All There Is
Advaita Philosophy

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This quote on advaita philosophy is from a live satsang. 
Play the youtube on the right to listen to it. 
It's nice to meditate to while reading.
"You cannot define yourself.
That's in the superficial thinking perception.

The superficial thinking perception
creates its own definition through thinking
not through reality, but through thinking.

And then that thinking becomes reality.

You see?

You assume from the mind that you experience reality
and then your thinking defines it, describes it 
so that there is order.

But the truth is it is the thinking itself
which is creating the reality.

I'm not saying the physical world is not real.
But your perception, your mental perception,
how you experience yourself in the world
lies only in thought.

It's deeply ingrained.

And with this thinking reality
you assume this is what you are.
And from this false assumption 
you try to be free of it!

But what you need to be free of
is the false assumption
which is constantly reinforcing itself
reinforcing itself. 

All that mental chatter
its reinforcing this thinking-reality.
Its reinforcing this thinking to be reality.
'I am John, I am a carpenter, this is my wife, this is my mother,
this is my dog, this is what I like this is what I don't like,
this is my house, this is my body. I like olives, not cherries."

The thoughts themselves are not false.

That sense of me is not false.
But it only exists in the mental realm.
That is one level of experience.

So that assumption that the thinking is reality
has to be seen through, has to be broken.

So there are all the meditation techniques
to help get past this assumption;
to allow your attention 
to loosen its grip on thought
so that it can perceive this moment
without perceiving it through thought.

Which means without perceiving it 
through definition, description judgment, commentary.
To directly experience this moment.

When attention directly experiences this moment,
it experiences itself.

Isn't that delightful?

Because when attention is freed
from being bound by mental perception,
all that is left is attention.
Not personal attention,
because personal attention is mental perception.

Consciousness is all there is.
It's everywhere and everything.
And that is you.
You are that consciousness.

It is in this we are one.

Much love,


consciousness is all there is
advaita philosophy

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