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"I ordered another CD for me since I have played it until it has almost dematerialized.  I cannot thank you enough again for your wonderful inspiring music.  It touches my soul.  It has greatly enhanced my spirituality 100-fold and I know that my walk with God is closer because of your music.   Many thanks.  God bless. " 

(Gina, Writer, Alabama, USA)

"For over 20 years I have been interested in silent ambient sounds. I very much enjoyed the music of Brian & Roger Eno,  Danna & Tim Clément, Jonn Serrie, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach,  Anugama and many others. However, the more I¹m involved in these sounds, the more I¹m confronted with a very small choice and time is passing until you find something really new.

After having been attracted by your music which I have found accidentally(?) in a catalogue I visited your homepage and  hardly believed what I heard. Rarely music touched my heart that deeply: so fine, so deep, so warm
­ so beautiful.

I thank you for your music from the depth of my heart"

(Klaus, Germany)



 "I just wanted to say how much I love your music and how beneficial it has been to all of my clients. 
When I listen to Beautiful Sound I experience a shift in the entire room.  At different times, depending on the client, I have experienced a completely different manifestation of energy movement with your CD. 

Your music has made my work deeper and fuller as well as opened my awareness to a different level of participation. For your work, I am so grateful.  For it has touched my life and those of my clients.  Thank you."


(Annette, Therapist/Energy Body Worker, Charlotte, NC USA)


"Thank you very much for the CD.  It is truly a divine piece of art.  As I'm listening to it, it feels like the ocean is taking me away into it's magnificence.  The flow in it is really soft and powerful at the same time, and the colours are very bright.  Amazingly Inspiring"  

(Ekarasa Pram, New Zealand)

"Dear Kip!

Thank you so much for the wonderful music. Beautiful, beautiful. My heart fills with stillness and love.

(Pernilla C.  Sweden)



"I listen to a lot of meditation CDs, and yours seems to do something different. Yours seems to get quieter and subtler as the music progresses, without losing any of the detail, resolution, or subtlety of the music. The result is, it takes the mind to an increasingly subtler and quieter place. Sort of like musical TM, if you know how their technique works. I find this amazing, and unique in the meditation CD world. Congratulations, you have impressed a critical listener."

(Jim, Pasadena, CA USA)


"Thanks for the CDs!  We have really been enjoying them.  Your music really transmits divine energy. I was playing your CD the other day in our bookstore, and when yours came on (we have a 5cd changer) my friend Janis immediately turned the volume up, 'What IS this, it's really powerful!' she loved it.  PS: My cat always goes to lie down by the stereo when we play it!"

(Chandira H, WA., USA)


"Hi Kip,  My name is Petra and I absolutely love your music!!  It takes me into a deep meditative place very quickly"

(Petra, Hawea)

"Your CD is a knock out!- especially if one considers that I normally listen
to fat sopranos."

(Julie, NY, USA)

"Your CDs are so beautiful.  I am going to give Eckhart Tolle the Now is
Forever CD. He will love it. "

(Katie Davis, Enlightened Teacher, WA, USA)

"Hi Kip, Thank you for your wonderfully restful and spacious CD!"

(Pamela Wilson, Enlightened Teacher, Arizona, USA)




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