Enlightenment & The Art of Surrender


"We want to get you 
out of your mind, 
out of the controlled idea 

that you are an intelligent 
and together person 

and into what is here
in this moment
beyond such ideas.

The mind is always 
trying to put things in order. 
But once the mind 
puts things in order, 
you are out of touch 
with what is here.

the mind has an image 
of how a perfect person should be 
and the mind tries to emulate that. 

Not on a conscious level, 
you are not intentionally doing it. 
But once you do it, 
then consciousness 
cannot touch you.

Life cannot touch you.

So the first step in surrender
is to be aware of this. 
Be aware of how the mind
tries to put everything
into neat little piles
of understandings
and justifications.

is to allow yourself 
to become undone. 

Allow yourself 
to be naked and raw 
in this moment. 

with pure honesty
what is here 
in this moment
without holding on to
any ideas
of what that might be. 

It is this honest awareness 
that is the key.

We refer to ourselves
as someone in time. 
Someone with past experiences
and memories.

But I want you to go beyond 
that thought construct 
and truly experience 
what is here. 

Because what is here
is only here now
and then it is gone.

There is such freedom
just in that realization.

You can only feel this moment. 
You can't do it with the mind, 
you have to feel it.

Beyond emotion,
beyond the intellect.

to what is here completely. 
Give up being together 
and simply fall apart 
in this moment
and experience what is left. 

you will truly experience

You will truly experience 

You will realize that silence
that is underneath everything.

That silence that only
fully reveals itself
when you have come undone.




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