Learn This 1 Simple Point to Have Great Meditations 

"I often hear people
saying they can't meditate.

But what they are really saying
is they won't meditate.

Whatever reasons they give,
the truth is in meditation
they have come across
an experience 
they do not wish to experience.

they are conscious of it or not,
they have felt a sensation that they
do not wish to feel.

The reasons on top of this are just excuses.

The moment you allow yourself 
to experience those sensations
you are avoiding,
then you see the futility of your reasons,
the futility of your thoughts.

The futility of trying to figure it all out.

It really has nothing to do
with mind.

You just didn't want to feel a certain sensation,
and once you did, it wasn't so bad,
ironically, it was quite blissful.

Suddenly you are filled with love and peace
until the next sensation you
unconsciously resist
makes itself known.

Once you realize this
one very simple point,
that the reason you can't meditate
is that you do not wish 
to feel a certain sensation,
then meditation becomes very clear.

Then you see the power
is in your hands.

Most people 
are just looking for the bliss
and they don't want 
to do the work to get it.

And that is perfectly fine,
a little relaxation and meditation
will give you this.

But if you want more than this.

If you want freedom,
from this constant conflict
of seeking pleasure
and avoiding pain
and all the stress & suffering
that goes with it,

then you will be willing to sit through
the uncomfortable experiences
and enjoy the peace that goes with it.

Unconditional peace
does not come from
feeling happy all the time.

Unconditional peace comes by
being present with what is here
regardless of how you think it feels.

You give it a try
and I bet you'll really like it.



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