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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the direct experience of bliss (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation very quickly.

Thousands of People Have Already Experienced Incredible States of Meditation & Bliss While Meditating to His CDs
"Infinite Sky," "Pure"
&  "Shakti Silence."

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Letting Go in Meditation

It is the holding on to thoughts, holding on to feelings that causes stress.  When you can rest in the place of letting go in meditation, you rest in perfect awareness & peace.

One thing you can always be certain of is that everything passes.  The nature of this world is change.

So no matter what you are feeling now, what you are thinking now, if you allow it to be in this moment and let it move through, it will pass.

Underneath all of this movement is peace; is love. 

Peace Is The Backdrop of Everything. 

So allow your emotions & thoughts to move through and they will pass and the peace that is this moment will be uncovered.

Just like when a fish darting by in the sea stirs up the sand and for a minute, you can’t see clearly, the mind can create all sorts of unhappiness.   But if you rest and allow it to pass through, it will clear again.

Letting Go in Meditation Does Not Mean You Actively Let Go of Things.

You simply stop grabbing hold of things.   So it is not an action.  If you are holding on to a pencil, what does it mean that you let go of the pencil?  You just stop gripping it; you stop holding on to it.

When you find you are already holding on to a thought or feeling, let it go.  But as time goes on you learn to rest in the place of letting go; the place of not holding on to anything.
It is a completely passive nondoing.

But what happens is we grab hold of things. We grab hold of a thought or a feeling and say ‘this is important’ and then we are in conflict.

Because the nature of it is change, is to pass. And we don't let it pass, we hold on, and say 'this is me.' Then there is stress, there is conflict, there is unhappiness.  And we create so much destruction in that unhappiness for ourselves and others.

Most people are carrying around so many things. Holding on to so much that they are always in attack mode.  Always ready to defend what they desperately hold on to.  Because they believe what they are holding on to is who they are.  And to let go of it means to give up their identity.

But when you are willing to remain in the place of letting go in meditation, in the place of not holding on to anything, you don't miss that identity that is based on holding on to things.
Instead, you feel immense peace, immense freedom.  A huge weight is lifted off of you and you rest as formless awareness itself.

So letting go in meditation just means allowing things to be as they are without holding on.  Just in this you are free from all stress and conflict.  And as you rest in the letting go, the thoughts and emotions will move through, they will pass and there will be balance again in your life.

Much love,

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