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How to Experience The Light of Consciousness

light of consciousness
"What if love, bliss & pain are all one?

We all crave to be free; to be released from this limited, painful separate self
into transcendent, nondual peace.

The funny part is, the doorway into transcendental nondual peace is often through fully experiencing this limited, painful separate self.

It doesn't have to be pain; it is whatever is here.

If you surrender and fully allow yourself to feel what is here, you will find that the source of what is here is conscious radiance.

That no matter what  you experience in this moment, be it joy, sorrow, anger, pain, laughter, the same radiance flows through all of it.  It is the light that makes all of these things possible.

This conscious radiance is like a fire. And whatever arises, if you are able to let go of it, surrender your urge to hold on to it, it gets burned in this fire of consciousness.

In order to sit in meditation for long periods of time, beyond what is comfortable, you have to surrender your holding on, your resistance, your distraction. You have to be so vulnerable to whatever arises, so submissive to this conscious radiance,
that you, as something separate from this radiance dissolves for a period of time.

And every time you dissolve in this conscious radiance, you come out different then when you went in.

Something was relinquished and the space that was created from that relinquishment now shines with the light of consciousness.

Much love,

First, let me describe the experience of the light of consciousness. 
Please know this is my own experience, & only one particular experience.
I do not wish to say everyone should experience how I experience it.

When you reach a certain state of meditation, you can
clearly feel consciousness.

Consciousness is no longer an idea or something we do,
it is something we can feel.  It is something that is already here. 
It is a feeling of formless, conscious being that has no boundaries.

As we remain in this feeling of consciousness, it begins to feel more and
more radiant, as though from the center of our being, consciousness
radiates outward. 

First only a little bit but as it increases, it feels brighter than the sun.
This light of consciousness can become so strong at times, it seems to
burn away all thought so that there is only radiant consciousness. 
This light of consciousness begins to purify and open all of the energy
channels in the body.  People around you may even  begin to feel it.

As this light of consciousness intensifies and rises up through the various
chakras of the body, it becomes more and more blissful.  In my experience,
consciousness at some point becomes devotional.  There is a devotional
connection to consciousness/God which is profoundly blissful. 

I read recently a western teacher say there is no such thing as connection  because you become consciousness itself and the idea of connection is egotistical.  I once had a similar perspective but now I find that very limited and ignorant of what is really possible to realize. This Divine connection in my experience is perhaps the greatest bliss I have felt. The irrational, devotional love of God/Guru/Consciousness however you would like to call it that arises spontaneously is a direct passage way into pure light /Samadhi.

Through this devotional one pointed awareness, attention leaves often through the crown of the head and is absorbed into pure light.  One may see light, but more important, one feels pure infinite light.  The complete sense of me has dissolved into light.  This is what I would call the light of consciousness.

At this point, one is out of the body.  All heaviness, sense of being a person is not there.  It is not that you are bodiless and missing the body, there is no fear in this realm, you have just temporarily gone beyond bodily experience and you don’t miss it! 

You are absorbed into pure light and the joy is indescribable.  It is what I would call heaven.

What can be experienced in this light of consciousness would not be believed.  But I do want to point out that it is untrue that there is just a feeling of consciousness, nothingness and silence and that is it.  In my experience there is infinite joy, infinite worlds to explore. 

We are limited by our own subtle definitions and knowledge of consciousness and spirituality.  The more we can let these go and experience this moment fresh and new, what can be realized is limitless.

And when you come back into the body, your entire being is flooded with this light of consciousness.  Your body, thoughts, emotions are flooded with the most profound bliss.

The bliss I describe as the light of consciousness is not something you can just attain through your own self effort.  The idea of doing it yourself does not even make sense because the doer is surrendered. This bliss is given.  It is transmitted as Shakti. 

The main way I offer Shakti is through meditation music.  Just by listening to this Shakti music, you begin to feel a sense of peace, bliss or energy radiating through your body.  By resting and enjoying this feeling, meditation happens.  It means you can experience profound states of bliss sitting in your own home or on a bus or train.

Along with a disciplined meditation practice, other spiritual/yogic practices, exercise and a healthy diet, you begin to feel the light of consciousness.  You may first feel it as peace or silence but as the experience grows it becomes more and more blissful, joyful, loving, exquisite. 

You can hear samples of this music and experience it for yourself by clicking on the links below or playing the YouTube video.

Light of Consciousness Part 2

"What if your life isn't going to get any better?

What if you have nothing to look forward to?

What if all you are is this,
as you are in this moment
and there is no point in looking
for something better, something happier.

Consider the relief in that.

Consider what would happen
if you gave up looking for things to be different.

If you gave up and fell into yourself as you are
and thus fell through yourself as you are
and into the infinite nothingness.

Because when you are free to rest as you are,
you realize there is nothing solid here.
It is all made of nothing
and that nothing is pure peace, the pure light of consciousness.

It's not a prize you get in the end.
It's just what is when you stop dressing yourself up
and realize your own transparent nakedness.

Much love,

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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the direct experience of bliss (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation very quickly.

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