Meditation & How to Be Free From  Suffering 

"Once the Shakti is
really awakened in you
and your attention
remains either
immersed in the Shakti,
in witnessing,
or in the feeling
of "I am,"

then everything will
come up for you.

Once you have let go 
of all of the ways
and distractions
you have used 
to escape this moment
and are fully committed
to being here,

then all of the
insanity will come out.

But if you allow it all to arise
without holding on to it,
without trying to get rid of it
dramatize it,
or identify with it,

then it automatically 
burns away in shakti,
it burns away in consciousness.

It simply becomes a flow of energy;
the way the wind blows
through the trees.

The problems come in because 
we place importance on what arises.

We grab hold of what arises
and then think we need
to do something about it,
we need to analyze it,
act it out,
heal it.

We grab hold of it
and at the same time 
want to get rid of it
and thus the conflict begins.

Then it becomes an issue.
It becomes something real
something that haunts you,
that weighs you down.

So you can see with this
how the mind works.

A thought or emotion arises
and you grab hold of it,
make it important
and the drama begins. 

You are suffering
because you carry your suffering
around with you.

But in any moment
you can let go of it
and that will be that.

There is no deep rooted
psychological cleansing 
that needs to happen.

Consciousness itself
consumes what is here
and purifies it,
returns it
to its natural state of peace.

It does require you 
to be present enough 
to observe what is arising
out of this moment

and willing enough to let go of it,
willing enough to remain unattached
to whatever arises.

And in this 
everything passes
in a flow of energy

and the clarity of consciousness
underneath it begins to expand
and radiate on its own accord.





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