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Meditation on Love:
When You Go Beyond All Ideas in Meditation,
Love is What is Left

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Interview with Kip Mazuy
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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created a revolutionary sound technology that transmits Shakti to the listener through sound, allowing you to experience deep states of meditation & bliss very quickly regardless of which meditation technique you practice.

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, bliss & love while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" and "The Calling."

Kip is also known for his no-nonsense teachings on meditation and self realization and meditates with people all over the world to help awaken them to their natural state of inner peace.

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Meditation on love.
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Experience The Bliss for Yourself:

Please Note:

The easiest & most effective way to awaken yourself into deep states
of meditation and love is by receiving Shakti.

Usually Shakti is awakened by an enlightened master
but it can also be awakened in the same way through sound.

So simply by listening to the Pure Shakti or Infinite Sky CDs
and focusing on the bliss you feel,
you awaken to your natural state of unconditional love, bliss and freedom.
spiritual awakening
"In my experience, it is all about love.

Not an idea about love, not possession, not attraction,
but what lies at the very source of your nature.

Take away all ideas. Take away all addictions.
Take away everything that can be taken away.

When you have no choice
but to let go of all ideas
of who you are, what you know and what you want,
something really beautiful happens.

The source of it all is revealed,
call it consciousness, but it's nature is love.
Freedom, joy & unconditional love.

If you really look,
you can see in every human being
how they avoid love by clinging on to their ideas.

Ideas & judgments themselves
become more important than love.

The idea of life and how you think it should be
and how you think you should be
is more important than actually being alive in the moment.

Everyone is trying so hard to be this idea
of who they think they should be,
that they never discover who they really are.
And who they are that is not created
but self existing in this moment.

Yet in any moment,
you have the opportunity to be fully present,
without ideas, without being involved with any mental activity.

Judgments can be there
but you are not involved with them.
What is there is there, it is unimportant.

What is important  is you are here,
you are present.

Then you see,
all is not some cold advaita Zen koan.

The koan was only there to help
remove what you are not.

When what you are not is gone,
it is all about love and devotion.

Not devotion to something
or someone or some idea
but love and devotion self exist
without reason or cause.

It is what is left when you take away
everything that can be taken away,
(including that voice which keeps saying 'I know this.')

This is my experience,
and this is what I wish for you.

Because if you experience this just for a moment,
you will see how pointless your ideas are.

That all this time you have been holding on to garbage.
You have been dressing up in garbage.

Then there are no more words.
There is no ego to protect or be right.

There is only love
and that is completely fulfilling.


meditation love