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"When we were born, we were sensitive to everything.

But as we began to feel things like hurt, sadness, rejection,
we began to block that sensitivity.

We began to contract and separate ourselves
from our experience.

Every experience of resisting pain gets wound up
tight in knots and this becomes our identity.

We begin to experience ourselves as this hard outer shell
that nothing can penetrate.  Our own little battle station.

And then we lose our ability to feel alive.
We lose our ability to experience life.

In deep meditation, these knots begin
to become unraveled.

The hard outer core that we have defined ourselves to be
starts to become undone.

All the ways we learned to protect ourselves
are surrendered and again we become sensitive.

Through meditation, we become sensitive to everything;
we start to feel everything.

Not in the sense of getting lost in emotional drama,
although that may happen at times.

But in the sense of letting go of the mind's interpretation of this moment
and actually experiencing what is here prior to that interpretation.

By feeling this moment directly, without letting the rational mind
interfere with your recognition of what is here.

If you are justifying something, then you are resisting something that is here
You have your walls up.

But the more you can allow sensitivity to be, to feel everything
without trying to protect yourself, shield yourself, place yourself above it,
then this humble sensitivity brings you back to your natural state.

Your natural state of unconditional peace.

You become so vulnerable to life, the sense of being
a separate 'you' falls away and then there is only life,
living everything as everything.



Meditation is Awakening Sensitivity

meditation quotes
"Silence is not the absence of thought.

You cannot just stop thinking and then you will experience silence.
That is just the absence of thinking.

Rather, you start to feel it.

As the Shakti & awareness builds inside you
and you begin to naturally be aware
of your thinking rather than identified with it,
you will begin to feel silence,
or sense silence underneath the flow of thoughts.

And very naturally you will be attracted to it.
You may feel it as bliss, as peace, as love or as freedom
and your whole being will fall in love with it.

Not in the egotistical sense that you feel it as pleasure and you want more.
It goes way beyond that.

You recognize it as the love you have been seeking
since before you were even seeking.

The peace of it is so pure that just being in it fulfills you.
You want to give yourself over to it
because it is the ultimate feeling of coming home.

And so you become devoted to that silence.

You give yourself over to silence out of love
the same way you give your body over to your lover.

And then in that  there is perfection.
You feel you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

That dissolving yourself into silence fulfills you in every way.

The peace is so nurturing
that your heart is at peace, your mind is at peace.

And in this you see how all the words
and knowledge about spirituality are just ugly.

Because the peace is beyond words.
The silence is beyond any understanding or achievement.

Would you say I achieved the love of my life?
I attained the love of my life?

There are no words  or understandings about it.
You find silence, then you just want to be in that silence.

Words just can't touch it. Emotions can't touch it.
Yet you recognize it as the essential nature of everything
and you fall in love with it.

Much love,


Meditation is Devoting Yourself to Silence

Meditation is Devoting Yourself to Silence
Meditation is Awakening Sensitivity
Meditation & Thought
meditation tips
"In meditation,
we are simply noticing that everything is.

It is not the 'everything' that is important,
it is the is-ness itself that is the key.

The mind is always caught up in the content.

But awareness only experiences the essence.

Whether there is anger
or a thought of a chocolate brownie
or a heavy rain outside.

All of these things are of the same energy.

They exist out of life itself,
the one energy that is animating everything.

And even in saying this
the mind is agreeing or disagreeing.

The mind is relating to the words as content.

It is trying to comprehend something that
cannot really be put in words in the first place.

All the words can really do is point
and it is up to you whetheryou give your attention
to where the words are pointing
or you get caught up in the content of the words.

And if you give your attention
to where the words are pointing,
then you move beyond words;
you move beyond content
and rest in that which cannot really be described.

So there is this shift that needs to happen;
to move beyond trying to experience things
with the intellect or emotion
to experiencing what is here
beyond intellect and emotion.

To realizing the is-ness of everything.

It is not that thinking  has to stop,
it is that you stop being transfixed
by the content of the thinking
and realize that which is always animating the content,

that which is making the content
possible in the first place.

The conscious ever flowing energy
that is bliss itself.



Meditation Quotes: How to Go Beyond Content

Meditation: Going Beyond Content

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"What are thoughts?
That is the first step in meditation,
find out what thoughts are.

And you can't find out what a thought is with thinking.

You have to become aware of the thoughts,
by being the awareness,
that consciousness that is beyond thought.

Because in the mind,
there is the assumption that thought is the truth.

That what you know and what you believe
is the ultimate reality.

But once you start looking at thoughts through awareness
there is nothing tangible about a thought,
there is nothing concrete there.

In meditation, you become aware of a thought
and there is nothing there.
It's like a smoke screen.

Then what is real?
If you investigate what a thought is
and you find out it is nothing,
just perhaps a subtle movement of energy
then what are you left with?

You are left with only what is here in this moment,
you are left with that awareness
that investigated the thoughts.

Now awareness become reality.

Not the belief of awareness
but undeniable experiential awareness.

And then in meditation,
you can investigate what is awareness.

And if you do this,
awareness turns back upon itself into silence.

Then remain in that silence.

Much love,


Meditation Quotes: Investigating Thought

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