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Interview with Kip Mazuy
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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created a revolutionary sound technology that transmits Shakti to the listener through sound, allowing you to experience deep states of meditation & bliss very quickly regardless of which meditation technique you practice.

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, bliss & no mind while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" and "The Calling."

Kip is also known for his no-nonsense teachings on meditation and self realization and meditates with people all over the world to help awaken them to their natural state of inner peace.

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Teachings on How to Transcend Resistance in Meditation
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Experience The Bliss for Yourself:

Please Note:

The easiest and most effective way to awaken yourself into deep meditation
is to play the Pure Shakti or Infinite Sky CDs,

to sit with your eyes closed and to allow the energy (call it shaktipat or bliss)
of the music to awaken you into your natural state of unconditional peace.

Without the help of Shaktipat, meditation will most likely be a struggle.T
spiritual awakening
"If you are lucky enough in meditation,
you will come to the point
where you cannot take it anymore.

You will come right up
against your resistance to this moment
and will feel that you have to get up,
you have to distract yourself from this moment.

If you don't stand up and run to the kitchen to eat a cookie,
you will scratch your nose.
If you do not scratch your nose,
you will wiggle around in your seat.
If you do not wiggle in your seat,
you will distract yourself with your thinking.

You will judge the meditation as a failure,
that you did not get the bliss that you got yesterday
and you will run away from it.

It is the natural response,
because it is not just that you
are resistant to this moment,
you are the resistance to this moment.

You exist as the resistance to this moment.

And so the challenge is in meditation
when you find yourself in resistance,
can you find a way within yourself
to surrender yourself completely to this moment.

Can you find a way to give yourself up
so that there is only this moment.

Because stress and conflict
can only exist between two separate things.

If you can find a way at a subtle level
to surrender this you that is separate from this moment,
this you that is in conflict with this moment,
then all that will be left is this moment.

All that will be left is awareness.
There will be no more resistance.

Then you learn to remain as formlessness.
You learn how to be
without having to contract into being you.

It is in this
you learn real intimacy with this moment.

If you approach this moment
with your spiritual beliefs and knowledge
and all the judgments that come with that,

If you approach this moment
as a person trying to get something out of this moment,
you will never reach this moment.

Like two oppositely charged magnets
you will forever repel your own true self.

But if you are willing to give it all up
even just for this moment
then you will discover
true peace and freedom.


meditation resistance