Learn Ramana Maharshi’s 
Self Inquiry Meditation Technique

Self inquiry remains one of the most popular and effective meditation techniques. Taught by the enlightened Indian Saint, Ramana Maharshi, this technique alone has led thousands of people to enlightened states of consciousness.

At the most physical level, self inquiry is asking “Who am I?” In asking this question, your attention moves back upon itself and the mind stops and for however long it lasts, there is nothing but consciousness.

The beautiful thing about this meditation technique is that it uses the mind to stop the mind. “Who am I” is not an intellectual question, rather it is a question to strike right through the intellect. 

Because if you truly look to find the answer you will find that your, name, your body, your occupation is not who you are. Because they are only thoughts and thoughts cannot really define what you are. What you are is beyond all definitions.

So in practicing self inquiry, your attention moves back upon itself, past intellectual knowing to that which cannot be defined. You begin to experience what is here beyond your thinking, beyond what you think you know. It is often referred to as consciousness, the Self, Atman, the feeling of pure being, silence, your natural state, no-thing, and the absence of me. 

All of these words point to what is here, but it is important to realize the words themselves are not the answer. Because the answer is beyond words, beyond definitions. You practice the self inquiry meditation technique to take you to the essence of what is here beyond thinking and in that you learn to remain in that essence, to rest in that essence.

At first you may ask “who am I?” and the experience of pure being may only last a second before you are again lost in your thinking. So then you ask the question again and again you have a flash of experiencing what you are beyond thinking. 

But as you progress, you can remain in pure being for longer and longer periods. Maybe 2 seconds, 3 seconds, a minute before you again get caught up in thinking.

In this way, you come to a point where the question is no longer needed; you come to a point where the feeling of being becomes dominant enough that your attention can remain in that without needing a meditation technique to get you there.

Saying this, one very important part of Ramana Maharshi’s teaching has been overlooked, and that is Ramana Maharshi himself. Ramana Maharshi radiated
Shaktipat, the energy of enlightenment. Just by sitting in Ramana Maharshi's presence, people would effortlessly enter high states of meditation and samadhi, without practicing any meditation technique.  

Because of breakthroughs in sound recording, you can now receive this same Shakti, this same enlightened presence through sound. 

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