Meditation is Being Real with What is


"To experience unconditional peace,
there is only one thing 
you ever need to do
and that is to be 
honest with what is real
in the moment.

Because for the most part,
we try to live an idea
of the moment,
we strive to be 
how we think we should be
in the moment.

We want to hold on
to some piece of wisdom
and try and mould ourselves
into that knowledge.

All of this
if you really look
creates stress.

It takes you further away
from what is here
and further away from peace & love.

So to be real
in this moment
may mean admitting
'I am being a selfish
greedy, jerk."

And if you see that 
this is what you are
and admit to this
without judgment 
or justification,
then automatically
there will be peace.

And in resting in this,
you might find that this is untrue 
and that really what is here
is you feel unloved.

And in the acceptance of 
feeling unloved
again without judgment
or justification,
there is even a deeper peace.

And in that peace
you again see it is untrue
that you feel unloved,
that this is just an idea
in your mind
and what is really here
is just a sensation.

And if you remain true
and allow that sensation
to be,
there will be even a greater peace.

And if you remain true with this,
you might find this is also untrue,
that really what is here is simply energy,
and then simply awareness.

And then it goes beyond words
beyond that which can be 
defined and explained
where all you can really admit to
is that there is no 'you,'
there is only consciousness itself.

And with each new layer
you surrender,
a deeper sense of unconditional peace
shines forth.

The problem with simply
going to the end result
of admitting 
'there is only consciousness itself'
is that it becomes an idea
to live by,
and thus you separate yourself
from what is truly here.

You trade 
unconditional peace and love
for some idea.

So it always comes back to
being honest with what is here
in this moment.

Not last moment
but right here and right now.

And through acceptance
awareness and inquiry,
you will always uncover
a deeper layer of truth.

If you stay true to this,
then the rest is easy.






Please Note:

The easiest & most effective way
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by receiving Shakti.

Usually Shakti is awakened
by an enlightened master
but it can also be awakened
in the same way through sound.

So simply by listening to some unique music
and focusing on the bliss you feel,
you awaken to your natural state of unconditional
peace, bliss and freedom.

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to awaken you to bliss.


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