Meditation & Non Doing


"Non doing
is at your essence.

It is not something
you can really practice
because how can you
do non-doing?

Everyone is addicted
to their thinking.
Thinking is always going.

So just like you tell a smoker
to sit somewhere and do nothing,
he will sit there and smoke,
if you sit and practice 'non doing'
then even if you sit still,
you will be lost in thinking.

That is why there are
spiritual practices,
purification practices,
meditation techniques,
shaktipat initiations.

You practice these things
to purify your mind and body
to increase the Shakti (subtle energy flow)
and to deepen your awareness.

And when the Shakti becomes strong,
when awareness becomes strong,
when your defenses 
and parts of who you think you are
start to come apart
you begin to learn surrender.

You no longer practice awareness
you surrender into awareness.
You surrender yourself into awareness,
until there is only awareness.

You can come to the point where
you can surrender every thought
that arises into awareness
until even the thoughts stop.

You don't stop thinking,
thinking passively comes to a stand still.

And in that you come to non doing.
You begin to rest in perfect stillness.

You spend longer and longer 
periods of time in absolute stillness 
where there is no subject/object;
surrendering subtler and subtler
experiences of "I"
into pure being.

It is not something you do,
it is that you stop doing.
All action ceases.

And in the absence of everything
the truth of what you are
reveals itself.





Please Note:

The easiest and most effective 
practice of meditation,
is to simply play the 
The Calling or Infinite Sky CDs

to sit with your eyes closed 
and to allow the energy
(call it shakti or grace) 
of the music to awaken you
into your natural state 
of unconditional peace.

Because these Meditation CDs contain Shaktipat,
listening to them every day is the
easiest & most effective way to awaken yourself
into deep states of meditation & peace.

Have a listen to the Infinite Sky or The Calling CDs
and experience the bliss for yourself.







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