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Non Duality Quotes

"Beyond thinking,
beyond body,
you exist.

This is easy to see:
Simply close your eyes
and notice your experience beyond thought.

Stop thinking for a second or two
and notice what is here.

You will realize you still exist,
without definition,
without description,
without limitation, separation or conflict.

It is the identification with the thinking 'I'
that causes all of the trouble.

All of your problems
worries and desires
are about this thinking 'I.'

But what is this 'I'
with problems to solve?
Does this 'I' exist beyond
the idea of it?

Is there really a you
that you define by a memory of a past
and an anticipation of a future?

Beyond thought, does this 'I' exist?

You assume it does,
because you choose to identify with thinking.

But if you look to validate
it's authenticity beyond thought,
it is not here.

The moment you bring your attention
to the experience of existing
in this very moment,
you are free of this thought of 'I'.

You rest as awareness itself.

Meditation is the means to break this habit
of constantly identifying with this thinking 'I.'

Because once you wake up from a dream
that you were being chased by a monster,
you don't have to run anymore.

Then you learn to live in non duality

By being real to what is here in this moment,
You are living non duality.


non duality quotes

Jerry Katz Writes About Kip Mazuy's
"The Calling Spiritual Awakening CDs"
In Nondual Highlights Newsletter (Nonduality Press):

"I have been listening to Kip Mazuy's The Calling CDs. They speak for themselves.
I don't necessarily have the vocabulary or insight to review music, but I can tell you
that they bring the mind to an even, open-eyed kind of state.

I never listen to music or anything when I go to bed, as I prefer quiet. Even so-called
relaxation tapes have never been welcome.  But your CD's are different.   They promote
relaxation through some direct kind of synchrony with the mind.

This is a quiet kind of musical creation. Beyond relaxation.  I can see where the CDs would transmit shaktipat, as they bring the mind to a place of stillness where the sense of being becomes recognized and known. 

These CDs by Kip Mazuy, I find, convey the reality of nature's sounds. Listen to the samples and see what you think." 

(Jerry Katz, Nondual Highlights, Nonduality Press)

Nonduality Quote # 2

Non Duality
Transcending Duality
non duality quotes

"Meditation is the investigation and discovery
of the truth of who you are.

The human ego identity is nothing more
than a collection of thoughts gathered from
family, friends, media and past experience.

It has no validation beyond thinking.

It is reborn in every moment
that you identify with your thinking.

It's very existence, the habitual addiction
to believing you are your thoughts is stress.

The more you believe yourself
and what you know as important,
the greater your separation from the rest of existence
and the greater your stress.

In this moment, stop thinking
and see what is here, what is you.

Right now, close your eyes and without thought,
notice this undeniable sensation of being
of witnessing.

In this essence,
there is no stress,
no boundary,
no separate existence from anything.

It is all the play of nonduality;
one aware energy
and from this our world is born
moment to moment.



Nonduality Quote # 3 Who You Are

Who You Are
"The very nature of the world is duality.

Life and death,
happiness and unhappiness,
attraction and repulsion.

There cannot be one without the other.

The very nature of the ego
is to seek only one side of the equation.

The ego wants life and not death,
wants happiness and not unhappiness,
attraction and not repulsion.

So as the very nature of the world is duality;
you cannot have  one opposite without the other.

And as the very nature of the ego
is to seek pleasure over pain,
you cannot expect it to be different.

But if you accept both.

If you accept that the world
will always exist as a dichotomy

And that the ego, will always
seek only one side of this dichotomy.

If you accept that both are existing
exactly as they are supposed to,
and that both are incongruent with one another,

Then what happens?

What happens is you transcend both.

You relax into a deeper truth.

You realize what is beyond the world
beyond the ego, as attention itself.

The nature of which is non duality.

Peace, without there being
an opposite to peace.

Love without there being
an opposite to love.

Bliss without there being
an opposite to bliss.

The world continues, the ego continues,
and you rest in  the underlying current
of the whole experience which is conscious bliss.

It is not about changing your world,
nor is it about changing the ego.

It is about allowing both and experiencing
what is underneath.

In realizing non duality,
you awaken to the bliss
that is lighting up the whole show in the first place.