Nonduality Being Lived:  How to Transcend the Thinking "I"



"Beyond thinking,
beyond body,
you exist.

This is easy to see:
Simply close your eyes
and notice your experience
beyond thought.

Stop thinking for a 
second or two
and notice
what is here.

You will realize
you still exist,
without definition,
without description,
without limitation,
or conflict.

It is the identification
with the thinking 'I'
that causes all of the trouble.

All of your problems
worries and desires
are about this thinking 'I.'

But what is this 'I'
with problems to solve?
Does this 'I' exist beyond
the idea of it?

Is there really a you
that you define
by a memory of a past
and an anticipation
of a future?

Beyond thought,
does this 'I'

You assume it does,
because you choose
to identify with

But if you look to validate
it's authenticity
beyond thought,
it is not here.

The moment
you bring your attention
to the experience of existing
in this very moment,
you are free of this thought of 'I'.

You rest as awareness itself.

Meditation is the means
to break this habit
of constantly identifying
with this thinking 'I.'

Because once
you wake up from a dream
that you were being chased
by a monster,
you don't have to run anymore.

This is Nonduality Being Lived.

By being real
To what is here in this moment,
You are living nonduality.



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