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"I went thru all of Master Charles Synchronicity  levels, took me several years. They helped my beginning meditation practices and now your CDs are taking me even further. I thank you so much." 

"Years ago a friend of mine in college coined a phrase to describe occasional moments of divine experience.  If the night was warm and clear, and the moon shone in splendor above the landscape, he would say "It's so beautiful I want to marry it."

These words ring back across the years, a perfect way of describing how I feel when I listen to "Ocean Euphoric."

Each time I have listened to your CD, I have found myself completely immersed in the stillness of silence, the perfect place of peace; your music is a journey into moments of Eternity, which you have captured amidst the waters of time.

Thanks, Kip, for sharing this gift."
(Lee Jones, Alabama, USA)

"Dear Kip, How did you come across this formula of sound? After a few listenings I have been getting very "stoned" on your new music CD.

My senses become acutely heightened and things seem to slow down ( as in film "The Matrix"). People at work pick up on the vibe. I feel I can pierce right through the "armor" of the personality and sense their hearts and chi field. Presence is being transmitted.

It has been a painful fact for me ( to accept and not resist ) that I have a very tight schedule and simply do not have the spare time others do for spiritual pursuits. You know what I mean...meditation, retreats, extended time for contemplation, reading, traveling. I work 60 -70 hrs a week and so your

Ocean Euphoric is a blessing. I have some other CDs with the binaural technology that worked to an extent, but I was really surprised by the intense immediate results I got with your "chi" music!  You have proven yourself. I hope to go deeper with your sounds. Thank You!"
(Dan Smith, Florida, USA)

"Dear Kip,  Thank you so much! Ocean Euphoric lived up to my expectations and more. I traveled to more places than I could ever imagine just sitting there in my chair.

I will listen to it every day it makes me feel so peaceful, a wonderful thing in this crazy world we live in."

(Betty Paul, USA)

"Thank you very much for "Ocean Euphoric".  It is thick with deep auditory/mind scrubbing action.  Everything written in the book is truth.  This CD has healing power and also helps creativity and deep meditation.  It is very intense."
(Jeff B. Detroit)
"Hi Kip,

I must tell you what happened the other morning.  I listen to Ocean Euphoric every night and put it on a loop so that I hear it not only consciously but subconsciously.  As I was waking I was speaking the words: "It's comfort food for the Soul!" (Ocean Euphoric)  That's what it is for me!

I've noticed that I work out things better and become much more creative while sleeping and listening to this CD.  Oh, it really is comfort food for MY soul!

I must order two more to give out for gifts.  God bless you and your Food for the Soul."

(Gina Reavis, Tenn., USA)
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"Dear Kip,

Thank you for changing my life. My son gave me Ocean Euphoric. He thought it might
help me with my long term insomnia which has blighted my life. I have tried other tapes to no avail. Three weeks ago I rediscovered the joy of sleep again.

Within minutes of slipping on the headphones playing Ocean Euphoric, I fell into a deep sleep the like of which I have not known for many years. I have attended a small insomnia group and the members were so taken back with the transformation in my demeanor and appearance that I have taken orders from most of the group. Thank you so much,  Kip"
(Feadore, USA)

"I received the CD and book today. It made for a very pleasant surprise upon arriving home feeling tired and stressed. I immediately put on the headphones, laid back and put the CD on for half hour or so - felt more blissed out and so much more relaxed than ever!

I am sold, your product is amazing. The music is so incredibly relaxing, it penetrates your soul and lifts the spirits. I've only used it one time, imagine what benefits it will impart from continued use...."

(Jodi H., Northcote, New Zealand)

"Thank you very much for the CD.  It is truly a divine piece of art.  As I'm listening to it, it feels like the ocean is taking me away into it's magnificence.  The flow in it is really soft and powerful at the same time, and the colors are very bright.  Amazingly Inspiring" 
(Ekarasa Pram, New Zealand)
"Hi Kip,

I was waiting a while before I wrote so I could share this with you. Before I began to rest in the moment and before I began to listen to "Ocean Euphoric"

I was having trouble with my blood pressure. It was high and my doctor had me taking it once a week to make sure it did not go any higher because she would then have to put me on medication. In fact the nurse in her office told me that if both my parents had high blood pressure (which they did), I would definitely have to go on medication. Needles to say, I was thinking OK, I guess I'll just have to be medicated, which is something I did not want to do.

Anyway, to get to the point, after my wonderful experience listening to your music my blood pressure is now totally normal and I feel great. Also Kip, I have a good peaceful feeling which stays with me, sort of in the background. I just love the present moment, it is awesome. Thank you so much for your music and your kind words of wisdom which you shared with me. I apologize for not writing sooner but I wanted to make sure that my blood pressure was actually down for a while before I shared it with you, and now I'm sure it was the meditating with 'Ocean Euphoric' that caused such a remarkable change. I'm blown away...........Thank you again! Much love and many blessing to you."
(Chloe L., Florida, USA)

(Response to someone's complaint about the enormous costs of other meditation programs)

"I hear you loud and clear, and my suggestion would be to order a program called "Ocean Euphoric" from Kip Mazuy at www.bliss-music.com in New Zealand.  Kip's approach is different from Holosync,  I listen to Ocean Euphoric on a daily basis been equally pleased with the results. Listening to all of the Holosync levels can run into several thousand dollars, and after using the program myself for going on close to two and a half years, I'm confident one can get better results for a lot less money (with Ocean Euphoric). Many people who started with Holosync have shifted to Ocean Euphoric and prefer the results and approach.

Anyway, read Kip's website and then you'll have an alternative to Holosync that I recommend and endorse with enthusiasm." 

(Chet Day, USA)

"Dear Kip,

Right from childhood I have been fascinated by life and spirituality. I was always in a perpetual state of inadequacy. I tried to satisfy my longings through philosophical books, yogic postures, intoxicants, music, temples, romantic love & money. Only to find myself inescapably bonded in these cerebral cobwebs of endless varieties.

By sheer luck in Jan 2003 I chanced upon presenting myself a copy of Ocean Euphoric and also getting your sagely advice every now and then. The change is changeless. Smooth and non-sticky, Your creation is ever fresh. It simply escapes any definition. The experience of Ocean Euphoric energizes and refreshes me for the moment and also forever. Thank you so much Kip for giving such an extraordinary piece of your Self to the world.

I can only say this much: there are two sets of people in this world; one set which is fortunate enough to listen to Ocean Euphoric and the
other which isn't."
              (Krishna Kumar IT engineer, India)
"Hi Kip........just to let you know that here in Perth there is one room filled with a little magic, our CD player is longing for a rest, just one more play of Ocean Euphoric..........thank you...."
(Johnnie Charlton, Perth, Australia)

"Ocean Euphoric is a treasure.  Thank you so much!"
(June Clarke, Auckland, New Zealand)

"A friend of mine let me hear his copy of Ocean Euphoric, and after meditating with it a few times I decided to purchase my own copy. I listen to a lot of meditation CDs, and yours seems to do something different. Yours seems to get quieter and subtler as the music progresses, without losing any of the detail, resolution, or subtlety of the music.

The result is, it takes the mind to an increasingly subtler and quieter place. Sort of like musical TM, if you know how their technique works. I find this amazing, and unique in the meditation CD world. Congratulations, you have impressed a critical listener."

(Jim Carruth, Pasadena, CA USA)

  "Ocean Euphoric is an extraordinary CD. Kip has managed to put into sound waves what seems transcendental and beyond what we could expect to hear. Beautiful sounds that touch the deepest parts of ourselves. Wonderful for meditation and chilling out. I use it everyday for meditation. Great for the busy business traveler wanting to maintain calmness. Check it out!"
(Joe G., R.I. USA)

"I have been listening daily to Ocean Euphoric and I have to say it is a wonderful listening experience. 

I agree with you about the other meditation tools with binaural tones on them.  I tried The Holosync meditation technology, and as much as it is a powerful tool, I found it to be aggressive, I ended up injuring my neck and upper back, not to say about the emotional turmoil it brought up.

But with Ocean Euphoric, I can't help feeling connected to the sound, every time I inhale and exhale I am one with the beautiful arrangements.  Thank you and I look forward to ordering more of your CDs in the very near future."  
(Martin Kirwan, Ireland)

"Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the soundtracks.  First of all, I would have purchased the Ocean Euphoric soundtrack just because the sound track itself is so beautiful. The imbedded technology is a bonus. 

One thing I have experienced is that the ocean euphoric technology seems to open up the energy channels and as a result, I don't get so "plugged up" as I used to with other "high tech" meditation tapes.

In many ways, the experience is quite different from the other tapes I've used.  I seem to be able to stay alert for longer periods of time while experiencing a surrendering , an "opening up" (don't know any other way to describe it). Sometimes it feels like the 'me' being scattered across the cosmos.......getting a little far out here, but that is my experience"
(Ron Hillsdorf., N.Y. USA)

" Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the latest CD, "Ocean Euphoric".  I play all the CD's I've ordered from you, but lately I have played Ocean Euphoric a lot. It has inspired my writing 100%, so the minute I hear the music I meditate for a few moments and then I begin to write.  It is amazing.  Thanks again, and when I wear this one out, I'll be ordering another one.  Please let me know when you will be inspired with a new one.  Thanks again for inspiration!   And thanks for such a wonderful CD I have enjoyed it immensely."
(Gina Reavis, Tenn., USA)
"I had a great meditation this morning using Ocean Euphoric. Rode the edge of awareness and visions/dreamlike images for the entire session. Felt like I really plugged in. Thanks for what you do. The combination of the soundtrack and the accompanying booklet make for a powerful meditation tool.

I would recommend Ocean Euphoric to anyone interested in fine tuning their focus and enhancing their meditative experience."
(Steve Foley, N.C., USA)

  "Ocean Euphoric is such a beautiful experience and so perfectly named. It's the most spacious music I've ever heard and is such an invitation to fall into the precious sound of silence.  - blissful and so high. It demands nothing of me - rather it invites effortless letting go. This must be the sound and feeling of Enlightenment. Yum."
(Babula, South Island, New Zealand)
(Donna Dillon, AZ, USA)
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