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Interview with Kip Mazuy
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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the energy of enlightenment (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation & bliss very quickly regardless of which meditation technique or path you follow.

Thousands of People Have Experienced Incredible States of Meditation, Bliss & Spiritual Awakenings While Meditating to His CDs Like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" &  "Shakti Silence."

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To experience that everything is one being,
we must first come to the full acceptance of how
we are and what our experience is.

Shakti Energy
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“We create so much on top of this moment with our minds.

We keep adding more knowledge, more opinions,
more judgments, more drama, more activity, more noise.

And thus we get further & further away from what we are.
Further away from the truth that everything is one being.

We get further and further away from the peace and love
we were seeking in the first place.

Underneath all of it is a dislike of who we are,
what we are, what our experience is.

And many project that dislike outwardly.
By judging others, hurting others
creating conflict & drama with others.
And this only brings more separation.

So we have lots of spiritual practices,
lots of meditation tools and techniques
that help bring us back to this moment, back to what we truly are.

They help focus our attention out of being involved with the noise
so that the noise can settle and out attention can rest back into silence.

But to reach who we truly are,
we also must become conscious of our own feelings
of not being good enough, loveable enough,
being a failure, or not what or how we are supposed to be.

We must allow all of that to be so that our attention
can pass through it and dissolve into what is underneath it.

We must come to the full acceptance
of what is here, of what we are experiencing,
of what we are at every level,
emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Not in an egotistical sense that you like yourself
or you justify yourself or anything like that
for that is still protecting yourself from what is here.
It is still holding on to sense of you that is imposed on top of what is here.

When there is the full vulnerability to this moment,
so that everything becomes soft and the boundaries begin to fade,
then the sense of you melts into everything else; melts into consciousness.

You will see what you are is what everything is.
That everything is one being.

That you, your emotions, your thoughts, your body
are no different than a tree or a duck or the rain falling.

It all simply is.

Nature is one movement of energy and that nature is you.

It is a free flowing of what is and in that free flowing
there is the recognition of the sweetness that is nature,
the blissful, loving and nurturing peace
that is the foundation of everything.

Much love,

one being