Perseverance:  The Key To Freedom



"I often get emails
from people saying

'My mind is too busy,
my ego is too strong 
to meditate and find peace'

But such a statement 
is only an idea,
it has no validity 
beyond what you choose to give it.

The mind will always tell you why
you cannot meditate,
why you cannot be free of it.

The mind will always
choose to stay in control,
to stay in power,
it does not want you to be aware
because awareness is it's undoing.

The mind will either play the trick
of stating that
you are unworthy
or that you know it all 
and attained it all
and you do not need to be present.

There really is no difference
between arrogance
and insecurity.

They both are means
for the ego to maintain it's power.

It is through perseverance
in awareness 
that you break through this trap.

Because the mind is not going 
to be of help to you. 

It is those 
that are humble enough
and courageous enough
to persevere day after day
in meditation
practicing awareness
that break through mind identification
and find freedom.

For them it is not about
attaining some title or

Eventually it is the practice itself
that becomes the reward.

The delight in being free 
of the identification with the mind.

The delight in enjoying
that which cannot be comprehended
in words or definitions,
in philosophical teachings,
or attainments.

It all comes down
to be present 
here and now.

Because thinking about exercising
is not going to make you fit.



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