Phone Satsangs with Kip 

Are Now Online & Free to Join 




Much love to you, 

The phone satsangs have moved to being online and they are completely free to anyone that wants to join.  To participate, please visit the online satsang & energy awakening page.

If you would like to hear samples from these online sessions visit



" I was on the call on Sunday, and I honestly can say that I don't ever remember a feeling of such peace and love wash over me. (as in the session) Ever.

This was my first call with you and I really didn't know what to expect, but by the end of the call I felt like a gentle, warm cloud of love was enveloping me. It was almost tangible. When I woke the next morning, I felt an amazing total stillness. So -- I thank you from the bottom of my heart."  

(Diana Alexander, AZ, USA)

"Thank you so much for deeksha yesterday- such a gift. 

I felt so much love coming through you and was touched to the core. Many tears and also laughter."

(Babula Clement, Australia)

"Have no words for how to express my gratitude to you, the energy transfer just raised my vibration to a level never known." 

(Rosa, Villegas, CA, USA)


"Thanks so much for the gift of this phone session...there's an experience of tremendous energy, vibrating at high frequencies-like a million silver bells all ringing at once...."

(Susan Reinhardt, USA)


That was wonderful!  My body is alive with the pulsing.  Thank you Kip, for the wonderful transmission that I'm still feeling now, both physically and spiritually. It is a cherished gift. The beautiful gently pulsating peace seems to be deepening. I feel much blessed. 

(Jean Morrison, Australia)


"I intended to email you last night after the Deeksha but I had a very
expansive experience and also did not want to disturb Christa. The feeling of the energy was really strong. My head experiences a sensation similar to holding a spinning gyroscope in your hand. My head feels like it is being pushed/pulled left. Last night Christa experienced an excessive sensation at the crown of her head for all of the Deeksha. 
After, she laid down on the couch & didn't move for an hour & a half."  

(Will Cunningham, NY, USA)


"Thank you so much for last night!! I will definitely join you again...During the Deeksha I felt incredibly relaxed and full, bubbly almost.....full full full of Light. I had a tremendous release!! A very wonderful and rewarding experience."

(Linda Grace Lundy, CA, USA)


"Thank you for phone satsang. I was in the bliss moment all the time. Energy flowing through body was very powerful."  

(Jayesh Patel, AZ, USA)


"For the first 30 minutes of the deeksha I felt this incredible intense heat 
as if I was going to completely burn up. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had just to witness it.

This was followed by extreme restlessness for a short time.

Followed by complete inner peace and total union - words cannot describe 
Kip. Just to be, nothing else was there. I feel so blessed to be able to join with you for these very special energy transmissions."

(Roslyn Oates, New Zealand)







After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy invented a revolutionary sound technology that awakens Kundalini Shakti in the listener through meditation music. 

Thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible states of meditation, oneness and bliss while meditating to his CDs like "Infinite Sky," and "Pure

Kip is also known for his no-nonsense teachings on meditation, consciousness and self realization and meditates with people all over the world to help them awaken to their natural state of unconditional peace.


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