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Merging with Infinite Oneness: 
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power of mantra
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mantra meditation
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(How I Discovered the Power of Mantra for Meditation)

I discovered the power of mantra when I was living as a monk with my first Guru.   He had called me up to his house regarding some business he had to go over with me.  Just as I was packing up my notes to leave I asked him if I could ask him a question.

“I read in your book all of the amazing experiences you had and although inspired by it, I am also disheartened.  Because although I experience peace and bliss in meditation, I am not exactly experiencing merging with infinite oneness.  I am not having the intensity of experiences you wrote about.”

He said and I am paraphrasing here, “That is because my mind was focused solely on enlightenment.   I did not let my mind get caught up in anything else.   No matter what happened, my mind did not waver from that.  I remained in one pointed focus.  You do not.  You let yourself get caught up in all sorts of things.”

He continued “Whatever you focus on, if you really focus on it, you’ll get it.  Put the thought in your mind what experience you want and focus only on that and it will come.”

I was still sceptical about the power of mantra.  “So you are saying if I focus on and repeat ‘I am merging with infinite oneness’ I will experience that?”

He replied “Whatever you focus on, you will get that.  It can be anything.”

“All right, I am going to do it.”  I wrote down “I am merging with infinite oneness” in my notebook I had with me, thanked him and left.

“I am merging with infinite oneness” became my mantra.  I silently repeated it as my mantra for meditation.  I also silently repeated it while walking, running, driving and running errands for the meditation center.  Any time my mind was not having to be occupied with something else I tried to use that time to repeat my mantra.

I was not one pointed.  I got caught up in all sorts of thoughts and feelings.  I was not such a good monk!  But when I realized it, I went back to the mantra. 

Sometimes in meditation, I could stay pretty focused on the mantra.  Other times it could be half an hour before I realized I was caught up in thinking.   It could be hours in the day I had been caught up in other things.   But as soon as I realized I was caught up, I went back to my mantra.  I was not good at it, but I held on to it and my focus on it intensified.

I did not focus on what it would be like to merge with infinite oneness.  I did not really think about what I was saying.  But in saying it, I began to feel the power of mantra.  I began to  feel a bliss connection to the mantra.  I would feel a certain blissful energy awakening in me as I repeated it that seemed to come from my connection to the mantra itself.

It only took a month or so to realize the power of this mantra.

One day I had to drive the big blue van in to the city to run errands for the meditation center.  I also  had to take a fellow resident monk in to town for a dental appointment and as the monk did not bathe much, I was a bit resistant to it!  But I rolled down my window and stayed centered in my mantra as I drove to town, enjoying the bliss connection I felt in silently repeating it.

I dropped him off first thing before he could protest and ran the rest of my errands still repeating my mantra. 

One of my stops was the bank that was located in the old part of town.  As I was walking up the pedestrian only brick road, silently repeating my mantra, something happened within me that I can best describe as a release.  I was released from feeling separate from everything.  I was still aware of my body but felt it as formless energy and everything else as energy.

Everything I saw, smelled, heard and touched moved through me as energy moving through energy.  I walked by some road work being done with blistering loud jack hammers.  Being sensitive to noise, it would usually be something that I would plug my ears and hurry by, but the sound of the jackhammers moved through me in orgasmic bliss.  I can still feel the rush of bliss moving through me as I remember it.

I walked into the bank feeling everyone moving through me as energy.  As I waited at the teller, I could close my eyes and all form disappeared.  There was just ecstatic energy moving through energy.  The power of mantra was revealed to me.   I was experiencing merging with infinite oneness.

power of mantra

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