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How You Can Realize
Pure Awareness in Meditation

When you have become so empty that you are transparent, the most profound peace that is the essence of life is felt. 

This peace is not felt by a person or as an object to be felt, this peace is felt as the entirety of everything.  It is infinite.  Everything is pure peace.  There is only peace.  The experience of it is that there is only one life living this moment as pure consciousness, pure peace.

When you go walking in pure awareness, the walking, the nature around you, is all felt as one.  Because you have become completely transparent, you feel the life around you. Not as an object, the subject and object has gone and there is only life.  Because you as a person do not exist in pure awareness, you feel one life living everything.

If you look at the ocean, then you feel the ocean, there is no you between awareness and the ocean, no separation between awareness and the ocean.  Pure awareness and the ocean are one.  There is only the ocean.

If our attention is identified with thinking then everywhere we look
we only see our thoughts and our thoughts only see separation.

Our mind sees, creates it to be an object and immediately projects its definitions, descriptions and judgments on to that object and then that is our experience. 

Our intellect actually separates us from everything around us. It creates a sense of me that feels separate from everything.

If we see someone we know, we immediately project our
own thoughts about the person.  We do not experience the person,
we only experience our thoughts about that person; our definitions, descriptions & judgments all based on memory.

There is no seeing beyond that, no experiencing beyond that and therefore there is no life in it, no feeling of love.

People like seeing new things or things they cannot explain because the mind has no thoughts to project on to them and therefore temporarily stops and there is just awareness.

And in this they feel awake, alive and full of wonder.

What happens through meditation is you begin to feel the awareness behind the thoughts.  And as you progress, you stop holding on to thoughts and instead, rest in the awareness that is behind the thoughts.  You settle into this feeling of just being awareness.

You first feel it as a sense of being, then as being a witness and then you awaken into the feeling of nothingness, emptiness, the feeling that you are not.  And out of this nothingness, there is pure awareness.

In pure awareness everything is felt as one consciousness, as one life.

And this one life is felt as pure peace, pure goodness. You feel the goodness that is the essence of all life.

Much love,


How to "Free Fall" into Pure Awareness in Meditation

"In meditation,at first you see being lost
in your thinking as a habit.

But as you focus your mind
through meditation techniques
and other spiritual practices,
you come to realize that in meditation,
you get lost in your thinking
to avoid feeling what is here in this moment.

It is the way you escape this moment;
the way you separate yourself from it.

If you are identified
with the thoughts that are arising
then you are in the thinking world.
You are not present in what is here
in this moment beyond the thinking.

And if you are present
in what is here in this moment beyond thinking
then you realize that it really requires you
to surrender into feeling.

To really fully allow the subtle sensations of existing
that are here in and as this moment.

You can dip in and out of it for sure
and experience a certain peace and bliss in that.

You can experience
what is here beyond thinking for a moment
and then feel the peace of that
while again being lost thinking.

You can repeat this dipping in and out of it
and this is good.

But to remain in what is here,
or rather to let go of the urge to leave this moment
is the challenge.

You do not hold on to this moment,
rather, you let go of that urge
to leave this moment.

In this it is all about surrender,
it is all about letting yourself
fall into this moment
and remain in that free fall.

To remain in that pure awareness
of not holding on to anything.

To not let your attention
grab hold of anything that arises
but rather to allow everything to come and go
while remaining in the pure awareness
of this moment.


pure awareness
pure awareness

Pure awareness is the key to self realization. 

When you have reached pure awareness, then there is no feeling of separation.  The sense of you that feels separate from this moment has been dissolved and there is only peace.
awareness behind thoughts
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