Humility of The Heart


"One of the biggest
mistakes you can make
on the spiritual path
is to think you know something.

Because if you know something
then you have to be someone
to have that knowledge.

And if you are a someone
that knows something,
then you have separated
yourself from everything else.

You have separated yourself
from the very love and peace
that you were seeking in the first place.

Arrogance is another mask
that we hide behind
because we do not like ourselves
as we are.
We do not accept ourselves
as we are.

In humility,
you know nothing,
you simply are,
life simply is
and there is the deep, loving connection 
with all and everything.

Humility in the heart.

Life is constantly
trying to humble you.

It is a beautiful gift.




Please Note:

The easiest & most effective way
to awaken yourself into deep states
of meditation and bliss is
by receiving Shakti.

Usually Shakti is awakened
by an enlightened master
but it can also be awakened
in the same way through sound.

So simply by listening to some unique music
and focusing on the bliss you feel,
you awaken to your natural state of unconditional
peace, bliss and freedom.

Have a listen to the Infinite Sky or The Calling CDs
and allow the Shakti of the music
to awaken you to bliss.


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