there is such a fear to let go of things.  Its like: when all is letting go then WHAT.?


Answer from Kip: 


It is not for you to let go or not let go.  It is for you to allow the experience to be as it is and watch.  

If there is fear in letting go then let the fear be.  Then you see it is not fear, it is just energy. 

It is just a sensation you feel that you identify as fear.



I have to hold it .Its like a prison .I Must Think.

And I know that also this is such a bubble.



Answer from Kip:


Who is this "I?"  This is just ego: 

A few thoughts that you just identified with as you. 


Just let the thoughts be. 

They are not you, just something you attached yourself to.


As soon as you bring some dilemma into it you know you are just creating an act. 

Just watch whatever is happening.


It is like you are at a football game. 

And you can cheer on a team and make it as

though life will be a better thing if your team wins. 

Then you shout in joy when your team scores and

scream and cry when the other team scores. 

It is for the fun of it, it is entertaining. 

There is nothing wrong with this.


But you can also just watch. 

The ball goes over here, it goes over there. 

People jump on each other for no apparent reason. 

That's fine, so what? 

It is not as much fun for the mind,

but in this watching without putting drama

and definitions on the game, you see

it is just movement, energy movement. 

And then your attention is on the attention itself,

the essence of being in the moment. 

And then the truth of who you are

starts to shine through. 

And the real fun begins."




How is it possible that this naked I is so clear and yet it's so covered.?


Answer from Kip: 


In other words your addiction to the drama

of what surrounds it.  This is fine & natural. 

Your mission is not to get rid of what surrounds it

but just to watch and allow it to be, passively. 

Surrender to this moment, allow whatever is here

to be as it is.


That you have to uncover it is just another football game. 


It is all consciousness.


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