Who you are



is the investigation

and discovery

of the truth of who you are.


The human ego identity

is nothing more

than a collection

of thoughts

gathered from

family, friends, media

and past experience.


It has no validation

beyond thinking.

It is reborn in every moment

that you identify with

your thinking.


It's very existence,

the habitual addiction

to believing you are your thoughts

is stress.


The more you believe yourself

and what you know as important,

the greater your separation from the rest of existence

and the greater your stress.



In this moment,

stop thinking

and see what is here,

what is you.


Right now,

close your eyes

and without thought,

notice this undeniable sensation

of being

of witnessing.

In this essence,

there is no stress

no boundary

no separate existence

from anything.


It is all the play

of one aware energy

and from this

our world is born

moment to moment.








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