Accepting Change

has a set of beliefs
about how life should be.

And out of security
they live their lives
according to those
protecting the beliefs
finding solutions
to keep their lives
within these boundaries.

It is your security.
It is comfortable.
It is what you know.

But this is your prison.

It is what keeps you
locked away never knowing
the full bliss
that you are.

Yet, life has other plans.
Life is always changing

and the changing
pushes you out of your comfort zone.

And when you are pushed out
of your comfort zone
you have two choices:
You can surrender to the new circumstances
or you can fight it.

If you surrender
and feel the intensity,
the raw vulnerability
that comes with
a new circumstance,
you will expand your awareness,
more life will flow through you
and there will be greater freedom,
greater happiness,
greater love.

For beyond your beliefs,
this love is what you are.

Or you can fight change.
And in the resistance
you create stress and suffering

and sometimes it might seem
you won.

But you only forced the lid
down on the volcano
and one day it will erupt.
It always does.

Life always changes
whether you allow it to or not.

It is the love and peace
that you are
that never changes.

It is awareness that is eternal
and if you rest in this awareness
you will always be bathing in peace.


Say every day at noon
you like to stop for lunch
and eat your cheese sandwich.

For twenty years now
every day you eat
your cheese sandwich.

But then one day
you go to your
local sandwich maker
and he is out of cheese.

He has some nice grilled mushrooms,
some vegetarian hot dogs,
but no cheese.

You storm out
and go straight to his
competition, Mo's Deli.

But Mo's Deli is also out of cheese.
So is Anthony's subs,
and Kay's Cafe.

Even the grocery store has no cheese.
A big empty shelf in the dairy section.

It feels like a conspiracy.
The world is against you,
making fun of you,
taking your best friend,
the cheese sandwich away from you.

There is pain in your heart.
Your world is collapsing.

It feels as though you are going to die.
And it is true.

When you surrender to the fact
that there is no cheese to be found,
when you accept that there will be
no cheese sandwich today,
a part of you dies.

A limiting part of you dies.
The part of you that holds the illusion
that a cheese sandwich is important.

And when you humbly let this part of you die,
when you sit in the intensity,
you will see you are still there.
You are not dead,
the world has not ended.

Rather in the acceptance of change
there is greater peace and bliss.
You feel that much more free,
that much lighter.

No longer imprisoned by
your need for a cheese sandwich,
('What a silly thing to need' you think now)

you order that grilled mushroom sandwich
and it tastes good.
Delicious in fact.
Even better than the cheese sandwich.

And you wonder,
then hope,
then fear:
they better have grilled mushrooms
available tomorrow.

But life always changes.

It is the love and peace
that you are
that never changes.

It is awareness that is eternal
and if you rest in this awareness
you will always be bathing in nurturing peace.



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