The Awareness of Resistance


"It is important to realize

that you

are the source

of your own stress.


That there is

no outer experience

or person

or object

causing you stress.


It is you

that reacts to

and resists

this moment

in every moment.



through sitting

in silence

and looking

deep within



you can see that

you constantly

react to this moment,

resist this moment,

or distract yourself from it.


If you can see

that you habitually

jump out of now

to re-play the past

or worry 

or seek something

in the future,


then you can

see that




have the ability

to consciously




the resisting


& rest in the moment.

That through focus

and intention

you can keep bringing

yourself back

to now.


To breathe and feel

and notice

what is here

falling deeper

and deeper

into the silence within.


And from here,


in complete surrender

to this moment,


everything is taken care of

everything happens by itself.


This individual resistance

is no more,


and there is only

blissful awareness.





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