"The energy transfers sessions
I have over the phone,
the Ocean Euphoric CDs,
these are there to awaken
the bliss inside you;
to establish a connection
between you
and that which completes you.
Call it bliss,
call it spirit,
call it divine.
Call it anything.
When you feel this connection
with the bliss,
you are drawn to it
attracted to it
and little by little
you are willing to let go
of all of the desires and distractions
that you give you small pleasure
in trade to deepen this connection.
Without this connection,
is only a belief
an idea
a concept at best.
But once you feel this connection,
bliss, awareness, unconditional love,
these become more real to you
than anything else.
They begin to shine in everything you see
until this bliss naturally spontaneously
exists as you.


How Can A CD Help You Experience Deep States Of Peace & Bliss?

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"Ocean Euphoric increases the depth and bliss of my meditations more than anything I've ever used. It's like sitting in the presence of an enlightened being."

(Will Cunningham, NY, USA)


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