QUESTION On Being Vs. Doing:


Really, the only thing that I can tell you, or point to is this moment, right now.  If you rest here with me, as you read these words, allowing everything to be as it is, right now.  

If thoughts come, let them come.  Let whatever sensations, pains and pleasures, be as they are right here, completely.  Right now.  Yes?  Everything is happening all by itself right now if you remain present does it not?  Thoughts come by themselves, breathing happens by itself, sensations come by themselves.  You are resting here in this moment, as hereness itself and all of these things are taking care of themselves. 


Isn't this nice?  That everything is taking care of itself, and we can just rest here, in this moment as this moment?  In this moment, as this moment, is there any separation?  Only if you define "you" is there separation.  But if you rest here, there is no definition, there is just you, being you without you doing anything about it.


This is the truth and the only truth.  Everything is the play of consciousness, everything is happening by itself.  The only thing you can do is rest here in this moment and let life live.  If you rest here, consciousness is taking care of itself, taking care of you perfectly.


I know I am not answering your questions.  Because it is not even for you to answer the questions.  Just to rest here, in this moment as much as possible.  If the technique, "who am I?"  assists you staying here, then that is good.  It certainly was very helpful for me.  But this is it, when you rest here, you see decisions happen by themselves.  You cannot do anything wrong, you cannot do anything right.  

In this, there is already freedom, there is already peace.  And it is you, all you.


See how perfectly it is all happening?  Your own path to awakening happening perfectly without you at the wheel?  So stop pretending that you are driving, that is it. 


It is like those cars in the merry-go-round at carnivals for children,  they just go around and around and the kids sit in them and pretend that they're driving.  Wouldn't you feel silly sitting in one of those cars that go round and round like a merry go round  and really believe that you are driving?  Turning the wheel just right so you can make it in that perfect circle?  Clutching the wheel, trying to pass the car in front of you?  Honking your horn in fear the kid riding in the car next to you might run into you?


And you ask me "Kip, do you think I should turn the other direction?  or drive faster?  Maybe I should try to pass the red car in front of me?  or maybe I should give that six year old the finger because she's always right on my tail?"

I'd have to tell you "Keep your voice down, Jon.  It's a merry-go-round, you can only go the way it is going!"


Everything that happens is needed.  Consciousness leaves nothing unattended.  The only thing I can tell you is rest here.  Surrender to this moment. 

Get out of your thinking that you think your thoughts and need to make a decision. Everything will let you know very clearly what needs to be done.  You will even feel consciousness moving you in a certain direction as you rest here more and more.  And when you get pulled back into your thoughts, just remember to come back to this moment, as this has to play itself out too.


Much Love and Many Blessings,



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