You are Loved

"In this moment,
close your eyes
and know that you are loved.
You are loved so much
that you are held,
you are carried
you are moved.
It is in the breath
that you breathe.
It is vibrating
in every cell of your body.
It is nurturing,
It is there in your pain,
it is there in your pleasure,
it is there in your silence.
All you have to do
is allow yourself to be loved.
To be restful enough to feel it.
To surrender enough
so that it may carry you
hold you
and dissolve you
into love itself.
This love is always here.
But because you
try to figure it out,
you try to own it,
it seems to vanish.
But the moment you give up
the trying,
love is everywhere.
Words cannot
the beauty of this moment.
All you have to do
is close your eyes
and notice.






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