Question:  How does one does one deal with
emotions such as fear and anxiety which take you out  of the present?



Emotions such as fear do not take you out of the present moment.  It is your resistance to feeling fear which takes you out of the present.  You feel this sensation, you call it fear.  You make judgments on this emotion as something bad, you give reasons for feeling it and then devise ways to control those reasons in order to get out of feeling them.  

This is where anxiety comes in.  Anxiety is just stress.  Stress comes from resisting your experience in the moment-resisting feeling what you are feeling.  Trying to control your experience rather than allowing it.

No matter what you do or try to get out of what you feel, you create more stress.  Life is as it is in the moment, it has to be this way in this moment.

So the key is surrender.  Let yourself feel anxiety, let yourself feel resistance, let yourself feel the fear in this moment.  By allowing yourself to feel these things and watching your experience in this moment, you see
anxiety, fear, resistance, whatever is there is just the movement of energy through your form.  Sometimes this energy is quite intense, and the resistance to this energy movement creates intense stress and anxiety.  

But at the same time, if you let go and let them be as they are, the energy moves and there is great peace.  And if you surrender completely, remaining present, you see this intensity is only the intensity of love, the intensity of bliss, the intensity of peace, the intensity of consciousness and you are that.

To be conscious simply means allowing everything to be as it is in the moment.  Fear, anger, sadness are just movements of energy through your form.  There is no such thing as evil which you must fight.  All is the play
of consciousness and the essential experience of this consciousness is peace
and love.

Many Blessings to you on your journey,



It's me again!  Your words have been a great help to  me.  I have begun to contemplate pain and suffering. Are they also judgments on intense love?



Always nice to hear from you.  Your openness is beautiful.

You cannot escape pain.  Pain is part of life, it is karma.  Pain is a sensation, sharp piercing, or dull aching- whatever is there, it is a sensation.  The thing is to let the pain be there.  

This does not mean be a martyr.  If you have a headache, take an aspirin if you like.  If you hurt yourself, see a doctor.  But still, pain comes in many ways.  It is simply sensation and the key as all sensations is to let it be as it is and watch it.

Suffering is the experience of resistance.  If you resist the pain, there is suffering.  You judge the pain as bad and then curse it, resist it and this creates stress and the pain has escalated greatly.  It is your ego that is
afraid of pain and makes it an experience of suffering.

But if you let pain be and watch it from this moment, first there is you feeling the pain.  But as you relax into it, the "you"  disappears and there
is just pain.  Then the pain is just intense sensation and then, ultimately just sensation, the movement of energy.  When you wake up/enlighten, you still feel pain, but because there is no resistance to it, the experience of
the pain changes.

For example: Last night, I had a piercing headache when I sat down to meditate.  I let the pain be and automatically, the physical forms of "me" disappeared.  The pain is still there, but no longer as pain, in fact
incredible, intoxicating, nourishing pleasure.  Deep immersion into no form. Swirling oneness and bliss moving, air moving through air.  I welcome pain
like that any time it likes!

Yet if there was resistance to this pain, then there would have been great suffering.  This is all ego experience "I don't deserve this pain.  How do I get out of this pain?  This is terrible!"  This is all ego, controller experience.  

Yet this also has to play itself out.  There must be surrender at whatever level there can be.  If it means surrender to suffering, then that is as it is.  

The peace from surrendering to suffering ultimately transcends suffering, and then transcends ego based experience and then transcends, pain all together into pure consciousness.  In pure consciousness, the pain is still there.  It is not to "get out of the pain." But the pain is there in it's essence, which is consciousness as everything is consciousness.  Delicious.


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