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Dear Kip,

I would appreciate your perspective on this.
In his message below #### states :

"There are no "realized teachers" any more than there are "unrealized seekers" . A "teacher" who proclaims himself to be realized is no less identified than a "seeker" who proclaims himself to be unrealized. Neither are true.  "I'm sure he was talking in general terms but I believe that it was also specifically in relation to ******. What's your point of view?


Thank you for your email.

In what we call realization, the person sees that  the "I"  that they thought they  were  does not and never did exist.  One sees instead, their true nature, that they always were, always will be consciousness.  That there is nothing but consciousness. 

So yes, you are already consciousness
itself, but the realization of this has not happened.  If I say "I am
enlightened"  this is nonsense in the sense that there is me, a subject, an ego who has something.  There is no I that is separate from consciousness in you or me.  The person that you think you are, the one who wants to know all of these questions and figure it out is the ego, it is an illusion.  Something in me broke somewhere and I can no longer lose myself in this illusion.

  Any opinion, thought, knowledge that you identify with strengthens the ego.  What #### says about this is perfect.  The problem is then egos go around saying "I am already free" and this conceptual understanding blocks them from every experiencing the truth.  You must transcend this "me" completely which is to say see through it.  The way to do this is through any way that keeps you grounded in the moment. 

Who you are is always here in this moment. Beyond your thoughts and feelings, what is this sense of "I"? What is this experience of "being" which cannot be denied in this moment? This is consciousness, this should be your focus.  Any focus on teachings, judgments, opinions, knowledge keeps your focus off the truth and identified with the mind.

####, *****, whoever are neither right nor wrong, good, nor bad,
amazing gods nor screwed up people.  They are as they are.  

Either way is judgment.  It is a picture you paint on the truth with your mind.  It is illusion.  They are as they are.  If you accept whatever as it is, as they are, then there is truth. Anything you put on this truth clouds the reality. If you see it as it is, then love flows, then there is no doer, nothing to figure out.  It is as it is. 

 It is good to sit with a teacher, very difficult without one.  But if you make them your savior, if you make anything outside of yourself your object to be free, then you have attachment and conditions on the object to be a certain way and there will be

The true guru is on the inside.  What #### and **** are is on the inside.  Their play of being people happens by itself, what anyone paints on top of it with opinions good or bad is not only nonsense, but the identification with that nonsense keeps you from the truth.  

 The only thing ever to do is to be conscious in this moment.  To be present.  Then everything is much easier.  Then love flows.  There is no more questions nor answers.  Have you ever felt like unhappy when you were younger and then gone out and gotten drunk?  For a while when you are enjoying the drunkenness, you see how pointless your past moodiness was.  When you rest in this moment you enjoy divine drunkenness, and you see it is all happening by itself and it is a joke to think it should be different than it is.

Enlightened teachers like #### and ****** perform two functions in my experience.  One to point you to this moment with words.  To bring conscious what is unconscious.  The other is their energetic which I have no understanding on how it works but it works.  You sit with someone who is enlightened, their presence washes through your presence and something
happens.   This is how my CD
Ocean Euphoric works.  

In my experience there is a great shift that we call "awakening" but from there, there is always deepening, always deeper levels of consciousness.  

The only ever truthful thing to say is to dive completely into this moment and stay present.  When you lose yourself in your thoughts, just come back to now.  When you see you have lots of questions and ideas and opinions, let them be as they are.  Don't make them yours, just come back to this moment.  Then this addiction to thought identification starts to crack.


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