"Inner peace cannot be attained. 

Inner peace is your very nature.


Right here, right now, close your eyes. 

Look beyond your thoughts,

beyond your physical form,

beyond your emotions. 


Be absolutely still and notice

this experience of pure awareness. 

Without thought, without resistance. 


This attention is the universal attention. 

It has no boundaries,

no personal experience of 'me.' 

It is awake, pure, alive and nurturing.


So dip into this awareness. 

Rest in this purity for one second,

ten seconds, thirty seconds. 

Keep diving in complete surrender,

allowing whatever sensations to be and to move. 


Keep resting in this place. 

Soon you will see it is your home,

it is your essence. 


Like an ice cube on the sea,


you apparently melt into this Ocean


and there is only Bliss.






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