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Question:  How can I be "in the moment"?

The truth is, you already are in the moment.  In fact you cannot separate yourself from this moment.  The problem is you are constantly distracted by your thinking and this gives you the illusion that you are outside of this moment.

 Look right here, right now, in this moment.  Let all thoughts, emotions, sensations be as they are right now, feel them completely.  Do this right now.  Let everything be.  Watch.

It may be uncomfortable, but let that uncomfortablness be.  The Ego is very resistant to being in the moment.  Egos are always looking how to change, how to get what we we think we want, how to mold ourselves into what we think will make us happy.  So stop all of this and let everything be as it is. 

And this is not a doing, it is a not-doing, a giving up.  If you
struggle to climb over a wall, you struggle to climb up it, you create plans to get over it.  There is a constant stress because you will not be at peace until you get over the wall.  

So, give up the idea of going over the wall, just give up and stay on this side of the wall and rest here.  Then you will see, you are the moment itself.

Question:  "I feel imprisoned by my thoughts day and night."

You only think they imprison you.  Let them be as they are.  Stop judging thoughts.  When you remember, simply stop following them and watch them from here.  They come and go all by themselves.  

By letting the thoughts do as they wish without chasing them, they will go all by themselves.  The power is in the awareness of them, the watching them come and go.  Not fighting them.

Question: " What technique can or should I use?"

Ask yourself "Who am I?"  Without referring to your knowledge of what you were taught about who you are.  Ask yourself right here and now, without referring to your thoughts "Who am I?"   Beyond thoughts, beyond emotions, beyond the physical, who am I?  What is this "I?"

It will automatically bring you back to this feeling of simply being.  It cannot be described or denied that there is an experience of "I am."  Try asking this.  Really you are searching for the location of this feeling "I am" and staying with this feeling of "I am."  It is what is there when everything else has been let go of.

This is a great technique because it gives the mind something to do and shuts it down at the same time.  Even if it's only for a half of a second that you feel the "I am"  keep asking the question and the length that you rest in the feeling of simply being will become longer.


Question:  "How can I allow myself to "be present with what is, right now" as you suggest? It sounds like it should be easy but I don't feel that it is. "

Because you try to do it as an ego.  The ego is who you think you are, the controller, is the identification with your knowledge, opinions, judgments, the doer.  

Stop trying to get something, simply give up to this moment.  In allowing and noticing, you rest as awareness, not the doer.

Consciousness moves your form.  You must surrender to this moment and let consciousness do what it needs to.  It will not be like you think it is, it will be as it is.

Question: "If it's so easy how come so few are  enlightened?"

Nobody wants to give up their ego.  No body wants to give up who they think they are.   I meet lots of
people that say to me they want enlightenment, but soon they are throwing at me everything that they know, their judgments about this and that about what they want and don't want, what is right and wrong.  

Enlightenment is freedom from yourself.  The problem is everyone wants to remain as this little self, this ego.  They want to get enlightened as an ego.  Like an idea of self improvement, of becoming something, of attaining something.  But enlightenment has nothing to do with that.  It has to do with letting go of your identification and seeing what is really here, what is always and eternal, changeless.

They fear the letting go of who they think they are more than they want enlightenment.  And this is the way it is supposed to be.  One day the balance will shift. They will be clear enough to give up everything that they think they are and die to this moment.  Then they will see that they always were and that there only is consciousness.

Question:  "I want to know the joy and peace that you and so many have described. I'd be happy just being able to experience stillness. But no matter what I do, I wind up being miserable most of the time."

Your intense desire to wake up is a blessing.  Your misery is a blessing.  Let the misery be as it is right now.  You try to get out of what is.  Let everything be without trying to change it.  It is a surrender.  It is not that all of your feelings go away and there is serenity.  It is that you stop judging and resisting your emotions.  Then everything moves through as energy and you remain the witness, you remain at peace.

You are saying, "I don't want to feel this, I want stillness."  But stillness is what you are when you let yourself feel this.  Enlightenment comes when you stop fighting what is in this moment.

Everything is happening perfectly.  I promise.

And  I highly recommend that you meditate to the CD, "Ocean Euphoric" on a daily basis, it will make staying present much easier. And if you can sit with one who is enlightened on occasion, do that too.  Their presence empowers you and gently calls you back home. 

Much Love and Blessings,




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