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Elements Of Ecstasy - Kip Mazuy (Bliss Music)

"If you buy one CD this year, Elements Of Ecstasy should be at the top of your list."

(Rainbow News)


"Elements Of Ecstasy is a superbly soothing CD. A most sublime meditation experience. Itís like experiencing the cosmic sounds of the hemispheres while at the same time, hearing the grounding sounds of the earth. It is just pure bliss."

(In Touch Magazine)


Beautiful Sound  - Kip Mazuy (Bliss Music)

"These are peace producing, meditation inducing sounds supremo! These beautiful sounds require no thought or examination, they simply flow through, around and over you, encapsulating you in a perfect meditation spaceÖ

(In Touch Magazine)


"If ever an album lived up to its title itís this one. Mazuy indeed creates beautiful music on his own Bliss Music Label. These five pieces are exquisitely textured."

(Rainbow News Magazine)


Now is Forever - Kip Mazuy (Bliss Music)

"Enter a hypnotic world of beautiful sound, where deep relaxation and meditation cannot help but flow. This is Mazuy at his masterful best."

(In Touch Magazine)


Kip's soundscape is alive and subtle. The colors are bright and overwhelming. Kip is a master of meditative sound design. "Now is Forever" is a landmark of introspective excellence!

(Jim Brenholsts, Ambient Visions Magazine)


The Sweet Nectar of Silence - Kip Mazuy (Bliss Music)

"The Sweet Nectar Of Silence has my vote for relaxation album of the year. Here is an artist who knows the true meaning of relaxation and how to orchestrate a diverse selection of sound into a moment of ease."

(Paul Watson, Rainbow News Magazine)

"Kip's soundscape is gentle, subtle and pastoral. His samples and acoustic instruments add flair and depth to the pieces. The electronics are warm and embracing. The flow is languid and peaceful. It is easy to embrace. It is a superb CD."

(Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions Magazine)



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