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Self Inquiry Meditation

Learn An Advanced Self Inquiry Meditation Technique for Self Realization
self inquiry meditation

And if you can recognize that attachment to thinking then you can begin to let go of it.  You can let go of that action of grabbing hold of thoughts and simply rest in awareness.

You can even learn to rest in non attachment in meditation where thoughts are never even given the power to fully become a thought.  You will find if you remain un-identified to thinking, the power that makes thinking happen dissipates and thoughts can slow down and even stop altogether.

And then what is left is impersonal radiance, a power that expands and consumes everything that may arise back into itself like a blazing fire of consciousness.  The usual form of self inquiry is attention looking back upon itself to become aware of itself.   This is very good, but then there is always the struggle of focus and concentration.  In normal self inquiry, attention is directed back on to itself but then is pulled back again into thinking.

What I am suggesting is to inquire into the very nature of that pull back into thinking, to recognize that action of contraction that is attention grabbing hold of thinking and learn to let it go.

So you see it is not what you know, how you act, or even what your experience is that is important.  We are looking behind all of that.

We are inquiring into the first action of identification that turns the whole thing into a personal you with a personal mind and a personal story.
We are breaking that attachment to creating that identification and recognizing what is left.  Remaining in what is left.

It may not be blissful or peaceful or loving.  You can't look to get something out of it.

You are stopping the creation of what is looking for bliss in the first place to remain in what is undeniably here underneath it all.

"In meditation, one of the greatest things you can do is become aware of how thought identification happens. 

Become aware of the process of thoughts arising and the action of being attached to identifying with those thoughts. 

There is a feeling of contraction behind identify with thoughts, a feeling of stress.  A feeling of constantly holding on to something that is flying all over the place.

"The new age/self help industry is often about building yourself up.

Making yourself more special more successful, more liked, more confident.
And there is nothing wrong with this.

But enlightenment is the opposite.

Enlightenment is about allowing the facade to fall apart.

When you allow the idea of who you think you are to crumble, then all that is left is consciousness.

When all hope is lost, then you have nowhere else to go but here.

If there is hope and confidence that the sun will come out tomorrow,
you will not surrender in this moment. 

It is only when you have let go of everything in this moment that you realize peace.

In the relinquishment of your idea of who you are, what you know and how things 
are supposed to be, when your self image has been broken, then there is stillness.
Then automatically unconditional love, peace and bliss shine forth out of every pore of your being and you discover your true nature.

You radiate peace.

Peace and love that is so divinely exquisite that you willingly give away everything that arises to it.

Not because you get something out of it, but out of love, out of joy.

You cannot experience such joy if you have built yourself up into something important.

The higher you build a building, the harder it will be to dig underneath it.

That is not to say you should not be successful.You can be all of those things.  But the 'you' that claims
responsibility for it, the one that claims ownership of it, the one that thinks they know themselves: That is the one that is hiding the true nature of this moment from you.

And that is the one you need to look into and see what is really there.

Who is this 'you' that you claim to know.  That is self inquiry.  That is meditation.

And when you find yourself without an answer, then you are moving in the right direction.


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Advanced Self Inquiry Part Two

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self inquiry meditation
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