How to Fall into Self Realization:


"To 'Fall into' Self Realization Consider This:

The very nature 
of the world
is duality.

Life and death,
happiness and unhappiness,
attraction and repulsion.

There cannot be 
one without the other.

The very nature
of the ego
is to seek
only one side of the equation.

The ego wants
life and not death,
wants happiness
and not unhappiness,
attraction and not repulsion.

So as the very nature 
of the world is duality;
you cannot have 
one opposite 
without the other.

And as the very nature
of the ego is to seek
pleasure over pain,
you cannot expect it
to be different.

But if you accept both.

If you accept that
the world
will always exist
as a dichotomy

And that the ego,
will always
seek only one side 
of this dichotomy.

If you accept that 
both are existing
exactly as they are supposed to,
and that both are incongruent 
with one another,

Then what happens?

What happens 
is you transcend

You relax
into a deeper truth.

You realize what is
beyond the world
beyond the ego,
as attention itself.

The nature of which
is oneness.

without there being 
an opposite to peace.

without there being
an opposite to love.

without there being
an opposite to bliss.

The world continues,
the ego continues,
and you rest in 
the underlying current
of the whole experience
which is conscious bliss.

It is not about changing
your world,
nor is it about
changing the ego.

It is about allowing both 
and experiencing
what is underneath.

You awaken to the bliss 
that is lighting up the whole show 
in the first place.  

This is self realization.



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into your natural state 
of unconditional peace.

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