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"WOW ! !    The first time I listened to your 'Shakti Silence' was BOTH mind boggling and truly wonderful. 

The first time I listened, I felt like something that felt like a "burst" in my head....

Next my tingling/electrical sensation around my sacral spine area.... Next  a tingling on the top of my head (crown chakra) Then much heat in my head and all over my body...

The next time I saw the most beautiful RED everywhere.

Needless to say, I am VERY impressed.

I feel it was truly "grace" that lead me to find you again and your music.  I am not sure you can call it "music" - it is BEYOND music 

(Donna Dillon, AZ, USA)



Dear Friend,

You may already know, as it has been known for thousands of years in the east, that the easiest way to quickly enter deep states of meditation is to receive "Shaktipat" from an Enlightened Teacher.  

Imagine sitting by a fire on a snowy Himalayan mountain top with your eyes closed.  Your Spiritual Teacher touches you on the head and suddenly you feel immense peace and bliss.  It is as though he opens the door in you to incredible freedom...

Now imagine sitting in the comforts of your own home, pushing play on your CD player and experiencing the same peace and bliss.  

Imagine being able to utilize this same Shakti Energy in your meditations every day.

You could struggle on your own with meditation and never really taste the peace and bliss that is available, or you could make things incredibly easy simply by listening to a unique CD that washes you in the shakti energy of unconditional peace.

My name is Kip Mazuy.  Many of you might know me from the music I made for Synchronicity and Master Charles in the 90s.  Or you might already be familiar with Bliss Music, my record label in which my CDs have successfully put people into deep states of meditation for 9 years.

I lived with an enlightened master for 5 years, and spent time with many enlightened teachers all over the world, including two trips to India and being initiated into giving Shakti Energy to others.   The big secret I discovered over and over was that the one thing that really could make a difference to your meditation was the shakti energy presence of a fully enlightened teacher.

After an incredible spiritual awakening that completely changed my life, I discovered a way to put this enlightened shakti energy on to a CD.  

All those binaural beat tapes with alpha theta brainwaves for meditation may do something to your brain, but only that enlightened presence, that Shakti Energy has the power to truly open the doors to the unconditional peace and love that is your natural state.  

It was never that you attained enlightenement on your own.  But the teacher passed on his enlightened state to you, and from there with your spiritiual practice and meditation, you flowered into enlightenment.

This is even documented in the Upanishads, written thousands of years ago.

"The Supreme state of being established in one's own real nature, which is so difficult to attain by other means, is easily attained by the grace of an enlightened Siddha."    

(Yogashikha Upanishad, Written 800-1400 B.C.)

The fact is, unconditional peace and love is your natural state beyond the mind.  But because you are identified with your mind, you live in a state of separation, you experience yourself as separate from everything else.  

This is what is referred to as the ego.  It is a state of stress and disharmony.  The more you feel separate from everything, the greater the suffering you experience.

Shaktipat, or Shakti Energy from an enlightened teacher begins to remove that feeling of separation, awakening you to your natural state of being connected with everything.  And that state of connection is the feeling of unconditional peace, love and bliss.  

And I promise you, that feeling is better than anything!  

It completely changes you into a happier, more loving and blissful being.

After my spiritual awakening, I found I could record this Shakti Energy that radiates from one in a very high state of Samadhi and turn that into sound.  So that when you listen to the CD, you experience that same peace and bliss you would in the presence of a fully enlightened master.

That means simply by listening to the CD, you are opening the doors to incredible transformation and bliss.

  Experience Deep Peace Often Instantly. You could instantly experience states of peace and bliss that you may not have been able to experience with decades of meditation practice.

Initiates Powerful Personal Transformation.  Initiate powerful transformations in you, letting you grow more and more into a happier, more loving and blissful person.  Everyone will notice the changes in you.

  Wash away all of your stress.  You can play it at the end of your workday or coffee break and wash away the stress, revitalizing your energy levels.

Incease your over all feeling of bliss and well being.  This Shakti Energy will not only help you in your meditations but raise the seratonin levels in your brain.  This means not only will you become happier, but also improvements in health may occur.

Great treatment for depression.  The CDs have been used successfully by customers  to help cure depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, anxiety, and even high blood pressure.  I am not here to tell you it is a miracle cure, but some of our customers obviously think so!

Tap Into True Creativity.  Creativity is actually a state of meditation that you can easily tap into with these CDs.


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The Shakti Silence (Shakti Energy Meditation CD) sounds just of white noise, like the sound of a waterfall.  Designed to block out external noise and wash you in this blissful Shakti Energy.  

Being an almost silent sound technology allows you to really become aware of your mind, making it easier to enter into a state of witness consciousness and then Savikalpa Samadhi.  This sound technology really shakes you up, excellent for intermediate and advanced meditators.

Although this CD has helped hundreds of people for the last 4 years, I recently (January 2008) updated the sound technology on the CD, making it an incredible source of shaktipat.  It is the one I am currently using in my meditations with amazing success.

But just in case you love meditating with music, read on to learn of a special offer of a bonus musical CD.



"Your new CD's, Shakti Silence & Shakti Sonic are Phenomenal!!! 

After listening I notice when looking at objects and the surrounding environment everything takes on such a soft wonderful blissful sweet full of nectar appearance."  

(Louis Delmar, USA)


"Shakti Silence is a complete surprise! 

I found myself cemented in the now, enjoying many variations of bliss."  

(Jean Morrison, Australia)

"I cannot express in words how much I am enjoing your Blessed music & vibration. 

I really cannot listen to anything else so far it is food for my soul I can tell you, the vibration from your music feeds a part of my being that I knew was there but more and more is becaming out into my consciusness. I also cannot express enough my gratitude for what you provide to us....THANKS A MILLION."

(Giorgio Capuz, Italy)



Many of these new meditation machines like light and sound goggles cost hundreds of dollars but will not awaken in you what this CD can.  So although I have been told to charge hundreds of dollars to be taken seriously, I want these CDs to me more available to everyone.

So order now and you can receive the Shakti Silence CD for only $79.95US  (or $99.95NZ inside New Zealand)

My love is to share these CDs with others.  So that everyone can use this incredible tool to deepen their state of peace.


You Will Also Receive These Free Bonuses:

Free Bonus #1 ($79.95US value, Yours FREE)

Order now and you will also receive Shakti Sonic, a full hour of uninturruped meditation music with the Shakti Silence sound technology on CD.  The music uses a layering of the Tambura, played for thousands of years by Sadhus (Wandering enlightened mountain men of India) as it's hypnotic wash of harmonics helped put them into a deep state of samadhi.  There is a soft melody of a choir over the top, beautiful to meditate with helping you enter deep states of peace and bliss.

Check it out yourself.  Listen to the audio sample below:




Free Bonus # 2 ($37US Value, Yours FREE)

"Realizing the Self:  Discovering the Key to Inner Bliss" E-book.

This is a hands on workbook designed to be used with the Shakti Sonic CD that can catapult you into advanced states of meditation.  It can give you the freedom to enjoy life from a completely new perception beyond the mind and body.

Including Topics on:

How you can experience deep serenity by being the witness to your thoughts.

The key to being blissful in your meditations and maintaining this bliss throughout your day.

How to experience the Self, the awareness beyond the mind and body.  Learn how this allows you access to incredible states of pleasurable peace & freedom.

Meditation techniques to help keep you resting in the Self

How to transcend the mind through self acceptance

Bonus chapter: How & why anyone can attain Self-Realization



"Reading the E-book and listening to Shakti Sonic created an incredible opening for me, a high experience of expanded awareness. 

Something totally new is happening which is so personal that it is hard to explain.

Your music is an art that opens doors to blissful awareness.  The E-book is something that I will periodically return to and read again and again.  

(Will Cunningham, NY, USA)




I know without a doubt that if you listen to these CDs, you will experience incredible peace.  

Hundreds have already.  So I will make it easy for you and remove all of the risk.

Order Shakti Silence:  The Shakti Energy Meditation CDs now and listen at least 10 minutes a day.  

If you are not 100% satisfied it has brought you more peace, return the CDs within 100 days and I will refund your entire payment.  You can even keep the E-book.



When you order Shakti Silence: Shakti Energy meditation CDs, you will receive:

-Shakti Silence CD- over sixty minutes of the powerful Shakti Energy meditation technology.  Recently updated to be a powerhouse of Shaktipat.

-Free Online Assistance with Your Meditation.  If you have any questions about your meditation experience, how to deepen your meditation & your enjoyment of peace,  feel free to email.

-Your Free Copy of the Shakti Sonic CD, valued at $79.95US.  This CD is simply amazing, you have to see for yourself.

-Your Free Copy of the E-book "Realizing the Self:  Discovering the key to Inner Bliss," valued at $37US

(That's a total of $116.95US worth of free gifts)

All For only $77.00 US  

Only available through our website


There is a candle in your heart,
      ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
      ready to be filled.



I have taught meditation for many years.  But the words only take you so far.  You have to have a direct experience of what I am talking about.

My joy is to help awaken you to your natural state of unconditional peace and love by providing you with CDs that carry this enlightened presence, this time honored tool of shakti energy. 

I not only offer them to you, but I meditate with them several hours a day, enjoying incredible expansion, growing more and more into deeper states of oneness.

So I know first hand how important these CDs are.  If you are serious about meditation and deepening your experience of peace, I am betting with my 100 day guarantee you will also find how powerful of a tool for enlightenment they can be.

Whether you order the CDs or not, may you be filled with unconditional love, peace and bliss. 



Kip Mazuy


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You don't have to order now, but getting Shakti Silence and your free copy of Shakti Sonic could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. 

Refund if not satisfied


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