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A Beautiful Shiva & Shakti Story

"I read a beautiful  Shiva & Shakti story & how Shakti enticed Shiva to enter the world she created.  Shiva did not want to enter a world of change because he was unchanging.

So Shakti promised that although the world was ever changing, at the center of everything in the world was bliss and that bliss never changes.

So although she would be ever changing, he could remain in never-changing bliss and in this way, Shiva & Shakti could enjoy the play of the world.

Many spiritual seekers make the mistake of trying to change the outer world into a permanent bliss.

But the outer world is always changing.  So there cannot be any permanent satisfaction in it.

But at the very center of you, at the very center of this moment is pure consciousness and this consciousness is unchanging bliss.

Whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor, sick or healthy, loved or lonely, successful or failing, that bliss at the center remains unchanging.

In everything you seek, you are seeking that bliss. In the car you buy, the goals you set, the holidays you plan, the relationships you seek, even the beliefs you acquire.

But as the outer is always changing, you never really find it.  You get the thing you wanted and it does not deliver the permanent bliss you were seeking.

So in order to find unchanging bliss, you have to stop solely  fixating on outward seeking and turn your attention within to the source of this moment, to consciousness itself.

And when you find it, you keep surrendering that urge to look outwardly for bliss and rest in this bliss within.

You begin to let bliss live through you and as you.

You can still enjoy the play of the outer life and all of its changes. But you learn to simply remain resting in the bliss of consciousness.

It almost feels like a death in a way, because you are giving up that endless desire to make things be a certain way, to be a someone.

And the mind will put up a fight at times.

But if you keep surrendering your attention into the center of this moment, into the bliss of pure consciousness, you will begin to feel more alive than ever, more joy than ever.

The bliss will nurture you, transform you and awaken you into states of ecstasy that will be better than anything you could imagine..

Much love,

shiva consciousness

"There's a Shiva and Shakti Story.

Shiva was resting in his silence,
his transcendental consciousness
yet (he was) deeply attracted to Shakti.

Shakti says 'Hey, Shiva! I've created this amazing world
with all of these amazing things in it.
You can experience so much.

Shiva, the nerd replies
'Hmmm, I don't want any of that!
I like my silence. I like the bliss of silence.
I don't want to leave it and get caught up in a world.'

But Shakti says 'Don't worry, Shiva,I did something really neat.
The essence of everything in this world,
the essence of every experience is consciousness itself, is bliss itself.
So you can experience it all, and never have to leave your bliss.'

Because Shiva was in love with Shakti he said 'Okay.'

But I bet he said 'As long as you hold my hand through it.
As long as you are always here with me.'

Because remember Shiva's heart
was melting in love for Shakti.

Much love,

This Shiva & Shakti story is from a live satsang
and is really nice to listen to while reading.
You can hear it by playing this youtube video below / right
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shiva shakti
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shiva and shakti story

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