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How to Realize Spiritual Ecstasy

"You know those times when you experience something,
you hear a really good piece of music, or you lose yourself in dancing
in a sport, in seeing something beautiful and your mind stops all together.

You feel the bliss run up your spine and up the back of your head
and for a brief amount of time, you feel completely beyond yourself
in spiritual ecstasy.

But then very quickly the mind comes back in, the thoughts take over
and the experience is gone.

Often the experience gets dumbed down in the mind as nothing extraordinary or it was imagined.

Or you look for the cause of it in outer things; it was the song, it was the sight, it was the mountain you were climbing.

And so your mind has already doubted the experience and therefore
never becomes fully absorbed in it.  The potential that was there for ecstatic states of consciousness is lost because the mind was not open to it.

But that transcendence is the same you are moving towards in meditation.  And so if a piece of music or being in nature takes you beyond yourself into a taste of spiritual ecstasy, that is a gift and you should let your attention be absorbed in it.

The process of spiritual ecstasy is awakening the Shakti/bliss within you and as you deepen in meditation, the Shakti increases and begins to rise up through the various energy centers in your body.

And as the energy begins to open up the higher chakras, the doorway to spiritual ecstasy is opened.

But there is another aspect to spiritual ecstasy where your mind opens up into the realization that it is already here. 

Your mind casts away its doubts and there is a wild, devotional desire to be absorbed into spiritual ecstasy, to dissolve completely in it out of love.

In my experience, it is this irrational desire that ultimately takes you into the ecstatic states of consciousness where the bliss rushes through your body and you move out through the crown of your head into pure light.

So if you keep surrendering back into silence, the Shakti intensifies, moves up your spine and gets more and more pleasurable.

And like a crazed lover, you want to dissolve into the bliss more and more.  You want to dissappear in it.

And in that pure desire, without any effort at all you may see that you can simply slip completely out of the mind into spiritual ecstasy.

It is already here in this moment.

It is just a matter of wanting it enough to awaken it
and then to to lovingly absorb your full attention into it.

Much love,

ecstatic states of consciousness

Part of realizing spiritual ecstasy is awakening the kundalini shakti.  But the other part is opening up your mind to the realization that spiritual ecstasy is already here in this moment.

spiritual ecstasy

After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits Shakti (The energy of bliss) making it easy for you to experience deep states of meditation and ecstatic states of consciousness.

Thousands of People Have Experienced Incredible States of Meditation & Bliss While Meditating to His CDs Like  "Infinite Sky," "Pure" &  "Shakti Silence."

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