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Question:  How can I be "in the moment"?

The truth is, you are the moment itself.  You are presence itself.  You just think you are not. 
And the problem is not even the thinking, it is your identification with your thinking.  Look right
here, right now, in this moment.  Let all thoughts, emotions, sensations be as they are right now,
feel them completely.  Do this right now.  Let everything be.  Watch.

It may be uncomfortable, but let that uncomfortablness be.  Human egos are a resistance to
being in the moment.  Egos are always looking how to change, how to get what we we think
we want, how to mold ourselves into what we think will make us happy.  So stop all of this and
let everything be as it is.

And this is not a doing, it is a not-doing, a giving up.  If you struggle to climb over a wall but it is
too high, you struggle to climb up it, you create plans to get over it.  There is a constant stress because you will not be at peace until you get over the wall.  So, give up the idea of going over the wall, just give up and stay on this side of the wall and rest here.  Really, there is no wall.

Question:  "I feel imprisoned by my thoughts day and night."

You only think they imprison you.  Let them be as they are.  Stop judging thoughts.  When you remember, simply stop following them and watch them from here.  They come and go all by themselves. 

By letting the thoughts do as they wish without chasing them, they will go all by themselves.  The power is in the awareness of them, the watching them come and go.  Not fighting them.

Question: " What technique can or should I use?"

Ask yourself "Who am I?"  Without referring to your knowledge of what you were taught about who you are.  Ask yourself right here and now, without referring to your thoughts "Who am I?" 

It will automatically bring you back to this feeling of simply being.  It cannot be described or denied that there is an experience of "I am."  Try asking this.  Really you are searching for the location of this feeling "I am" and staying with this feeling of "I am."

This is a great technique because it gives the mind something to do and shuts it down at the same time.  Even if it's only for a half of a second that you feel the "I am"  keep asking the question and the length that you rest in the feeling of simply being will become longer.

Question:  "How can I allow myself to "be present with what is, right now" as you suggest? It sounds like it should be easy but I don't feel that it is. "

Because you try to do it with your intellectual mind/ego.  You are trying to do it as the controller. 

Stop trying to get something, simply give up to this moment.

Consciousness moves your form.  You must surrender to this moment and let consciousness do what it needs to.  It will not be like you think it is, it will be as it is.

Question: "If it's so easy how come so few are  enlightened?"

Nobody wants to let go of their fixation on who they think they are.  I meet lots of people that say to me they want enlightenment, but soon they are throwing at me everything that they know, their judgments about this and that about what they want and don't want, what is right and wrong.  This is their ego, who they think they are and they are not willing to give it up.

They fear the letting go of who they think they are more than they want enlightenment.  And this is the way it is.  One day the balance will shift. They will be clear enough to give up everything that they think they are and die to this moment.  Then they will see that they always were and that there only is consciousness.  And then realization will begin to happen very fast.

Question:  "I want to know the joy and peace that you and so many have described. I'd be happy just being able to experience stillness. But no matter what I do, I wind up being miserable most of the time."

Your intense desire to wake up is a blessing.  Your misery is a blessing.  Let the misery be as it is right now.  You try to get out of what is.  Let everything be without trying to change it.  It is a surrender.  It is not that all of your feelings go away and there is serenity.  It is that you stop judging and resisting your emotions.  Then everything moves through and you remain the witness, you remain at peace.

You are saying, "I don't want to feel this, I want stillness."  But stillness is what you are when you let yourself feel this.  Enlightenment comes when you stop fighting what is in this moment.

Everything is happening perfectly.  I promise.

And  I highly recommend that you meditate to the CD, "Ocean Euphoric" on a daily basis, it will make staying present much easier. And if you can sit with one who is enlightened on occasion, do that too.  Their presence empowers you and gently calls you back home.

Question:  How does one does one deal with emotions such as fear and anxiety which take you out  of the present?

Emotions such as fear do not take you out of the present moment.  It is your resistance to feeling fear which takes you out of the present.  You feel this sensation, you call it fear.  You make judgments on this emotion as something bad, you give reasons for feeling it and then devise ways to control those reasons in order to get out of feeling them. 

This is where anxiety comes in.  Anxiety is just stress.  Stress comes from resisting your experience in the moment-resisting feeling what you are feeling.  Trying to control your experience rather than allowing it.

No matter what you do or try to get out of what you feel, you create more stress.  Life is as it is in the moment, it has to be this way in this moment.

So the key is surrender.  Let yourself feel anxiety, let yourself feel resistance, let yourself feel the fear in this moment.  By allowing yourself to feel these things and watching your experience in this moment, you see anxiety, fear, resistance, whatever is there is just the movement of energy through your form. 

Sometimes this energy is quite intense, and the resistance to this energy movement creates intense stress and anxiety.    But at the same time, if you let go and let them be as they are, the energy moves and there is great peace.  And if you surrender completely, remaining present, you see this intensity is only the intensity of love, the intensity of bliss, the intensity of peace, the intensity of consciousness and you are that.

To be conscious simply means allowing everything to be as it is in the moment.  Fear, anger, sadness are just movements of energy through your form.  There is no such thing as evil which you must fight.  All is the play of consciousness and the essential experience of this consciousness is peace
and love.

Many Blessings to you on your journey,

Question:  It's me again!  Your words have been a great help to  me.  I have begun to contemplate pain and suffering. Are they also judgments on intense love?

Always nice to hear from you.  Your openness is beautiful.

You cannot escape pain.  Pain is part of life.  Pain is a sensation, sharp piercing, or dull aching- whatever is there, it is a sensation.  The thing is to let the pain be there. 

This does not mean be a martyr.  If you have a headache, take an aspirin if you like.  If you hurt yourself, see a doctor.  But still, pain comes in many ways.  It is simply sensation and the key as all sensations is to let it be as it is and watch it.

Suffering is the experience of resistance.  If you resist the pain, there is suffering.  You judge the pain as bad and then curse it, resist it and this creates stress and the pain has escalated greatly.  It is your ego that is afraid of pain and makes it an experience of suffering.

But if you let pain be and watch it from this moment, first there is you feeling the pain.  But as you relax into it, the "you"  disappears and there is just pain.  Then the pain is just intense sensation and then, ultimately just sensation, the movement of energy.  When you wake up/enlighten, you still feel pain, but because there is no resistance to it, the experience of the pain changes.

For example: Last night, I had a piercing headache when I sat down to meditate.  I let the pain be and automatically, the physical forms of "me" disappeared.  The pain was still there at some level, but it was also felt as incredible bliss.  Deep immersion into no form. Swirling oneness and bliss moving, air moving through air.

Yet if there was resistance to this pain, then there would have been great suffering.  This is all ego experience "I don't deserve this pain.  How do I get out of this pain?  This is terrible!"  This is all ego, controller experience. 

Yet this also has to play itself out.  There must be surrender at whatever level there can be.  If it means surrender to suffering, then that is as it is. 

The peace from surrendering to suffering ultimately transcends suffering, and then transcends ego based experience and then transcends pain all together into pure consciousness.  Pure consciousness transcendent of mind/body/self knows no pain.  Pure consciousness in a body and mind, experiences pain still.   It is not to "get out of the pain." But by allowing it, your attention is freed from being confined into body and mind into pure consciousness.  In pure consciousness pain is simply felt as energy.
You are Loved

"In this moment, close your eyes and know that you are loved.
You are loved so much that you are held, you are carried you are moved.
It is in the breath that you breathe.  It is vibrating in every cell of your body.
It is nurturing, blissful.
It is there in your pain,  it is there in your pleasure, it is there in your silence.
All you have to do is allow yourself to be loved.  To be restful enough to feel it.
To surrender enough so that it may carry you  hold you and dissolve you into love itself.
This love is always here.

But because you try to figure it out, you try to own it, it seems to vanish.
But the moment you give up the trying, love is everywhere.
Words cannot describe the beauty of this moment.
All you have to do is close your eyes and notice.

Answer to Someone's question about doing:

Really, the only thing that I can tell you, or point to is this moment, right now.  If you rest here with me, as you read these words, allowing everything to be as it is, right now. 

If thoughts come, let them come.  Let whatever sensations, pains and pleasures, be as they are right here, completely.  Right now.  Yes?  Everything is happening all by itself right now if you remain present does it not?  Thoughts come by themselves, breathing happens by itself, sensations come by themselves.  You are resting here in this moment, as hereness itself and all of these things are taking care of themselves. 

Isn't this nice?  That everything is taking care of itself, and we can just rest here, in this moment as this moment?  In this moment, as this moment, is there any separation?  Only if you define "you" is there separation.  But if you rest here, there is no definition, there is just you, being you without you doing anything about it.

This is the truth and the only truth.  Everything is the play of consciousness, everything is happening by itself.  The only thing you can do is rest here in this moment and let life live.  If you rest here, consciousness is taking care of itself, taking care of you perfectly.

I know I am not answering your questions.  Because it is not even for you to answer the questions.  Just to rest here, in this moment as much as possible.

In this, there is already freedom, there is already peace.  And it is you, all you.   See how perfectly it is all happening?  Your own path to awakening happening perfectly without you at the wheel?  So stop pretending that you are driving, that is it.

It is like those cars in the merry-go-round at carnivals for children,  they just go around and around and the kids sit in them and pretend that they're driving.  Wouldn't you feel silly sitting in one of those cars that go round and round like a merry go round  and really believe that you are driving?  Turning the wheel just right so you can make it in that perfect circle?  Clutching the wheel, trying to pass the car in front of you?  Honking your horn in fear the kid riding in the car next to you might run into you?

And you ask me "Kip, do you think I should turn the other direction?  or drive faster?  Maybe I should try to pass the red car in front of me?  or maybe I should give that six year old the finger because she's always right on my tail?"

I'd have to tell you "Keep your voice down, Jon.  It's a merry-go-round, you can only go the way it is going!"

Everything that happens is needed.  Consciousness leaves nothing unattended.  The only thing I can tell you is rest here.  Surrender to this moment.

Get out of your thinking that you think your thoughts and need to make a decision. Everything will let you know very clearly what needs to be done.  You will even feel consciousness moving you in a certain direction as you rest here more and more.  And when you get pulled back into your thoughts, just remember to come back to this moment, as this has to play itself out too.
Humility of The Heart

"One of the biggest mistakes you can make on the spiritual path is to think you know something.

Because if you know something then you have to be someone to have that knowledge.

And if you are a someone that knows something, then you have separated yourself from everything else.

You have separated yourself from the very love and peace that you were seeking in the first place.

Arrogance is another mask that we hide behind because we do not like ourselves
as we are. We do not accept ourselves as we are.

In humility, you know nothing, you simply are, life simply is and there is the deep, loving connection  with all and everything.

Humility in the heart.

Life is constantly trying to humble you.

It is a beautiful gift.
Question:  I wanted to ask you about your CD, Ocean Euphoric.  A friend of mine has a copy and swears by it for his daily meditation yet I am skeptical about using any sort of tool for meditation.  If we are already what we seek, why would we bother using some tool to get what we already are?  I also wanted to know how Ocean Euphoric exactly works and whether it was like any of the other meditation inducing soundtracks out there.


Thank you for your email.

A light bulb cannot light up without electricity.

And once the electricity is there, there is no figuring out for the light bulb, there is no instruction

It is there, it is a light bulb. Electricity moves through it, it shines.

You can spend your whole life trying to figure out awareness, meditation, awakening.

Trying to turn yourself into a blissful state.

But once the energy is awakened in you, It begins to happen by itself.

And the more you can be quiet and get out of the way of yourself, the more the light shines automatically.

This is why I place importance on CDs like Ocean Euphoric, Pure,  or Infinite Sky and the Online Satsangs.

Because then it is not about trying to get something. It is about allowing the energy to move,
letting go, relaxing being.

The process can be so easy.

It is all the trying to do it yourself that makes it seem impossible.  It is good to practice meditation techniques.  But it is grace that meditates you and awakens you.  You have to be in the company of grace and allow that grace to do it for you.  The CDs and the online satsangs are very easy ways to receive this grace.


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Spiritual Questions and Answers On Enlightenment & Self Realization
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