The Sweet Nectar of Silence

Meditation/Relaxation Music

 By Kip Mazuy




 Enjoy the sensual beauty of piano, choirs, gregorian chants and natural sounds of New Zealand.  Be prepared to be carressed into a state of peace with The Sweet Nectar of Silence CD. 

Excellent for relaxation, meditation and yoga.


                              Track 1: A Sensual Dawn
                              Track 2: I Am Free
                              Track 3: Love is Surrender

Track 4: And Now I See


"The Sweet Nectar of Silence has my vote for relaxation album of the year."

(Paul Watson, Rainbow News Magazine)


"Kip's Soundscape is gentle, subtle and pastoral.  It is easy to embrace.  The electronics are warm and embracing.  The flow is languid and peaceful.   It is a superb CD."

(Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions Magazine)


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Kip Mazuy is the Creator of Bliss Music and Ocean Euphoric, a meditation CD with a unique sound technology that helps you easily experience deep states of peace in meditation.



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