“Kundalini Awakening On CD?

Discover How You Can Experience Incredible States of Meditation & Bliss

…Without Having To Spend $1,000s
On Spiritual Retreats or Years
Studying With Enlightened Masters." 

Dear Friend,

Would you like to experience the peace & bliss that the  enlightened teachers talk about?  

Whether you say you are seeking a kundalini awakening, spiritual enlightenment, inner peace or just to be happy, you are looking for the same thing:  to experience unconditional peace.   

It is peace so loving, nurturing & pure, that if you experience it once, it can completely transform your life.  You become naturally happy and blissful.  

But as you probably already know, trying to attain such peace on your own can be incredibly frustrating.

You're not alone in this, it is just about everyone's experience and I will tell you why later.

But after a great spiritual awakening and many years of research, I found something that can make it easy for you to experience incredible states of peace and bliss, helping you move very quickly into enlightened states of awareness.

If you are serious about experiencing such peace or attaining spiritual enlightenment, please read this carefully because this letter could be a major turning point in your life.  

I live every day in such peace & will show you how you can too.   

  Without having to move to India and spend 50 years in an ashram. 

Without having to spend thousands of dollars on spiritual retreats.  

You can, as I have attain enlightened states of awareness in your own home. 


My name is Kip Mazuy, founder of Bliss Music, known by many as "The Leader in Meditation Sound Technology."  

You might have heard the music I made for Master Charles "Synchronicity, Hi-tech meditation" in the nineties...  

Or you might be familiar with my CD, Ocean Euphoric, which revolutionized meditation sound technology and skyrocketed Bliss Music into international acclaim.  Presently thousands of people all over the world are meditating with Ocean Euphoric with huge success. 

For years, like many of you,  I had tastes of the true experience of spiritual enlightenment from time to time but in between, meditation could often feel like a struggle.  

I was always looking for that "miracle" that could make it easy to enter into deep states of meditation.   It wasn't until several years ago that I discovered what that miracle was.

In my twenties, I lived in an ashram, studying under an enlightened master who had been a close disciple of Swami Muktananda. 

It was there I learned the importance of being around a fully enlightened master, one who radiated peace.  Because around such a teacher, you were naturally blissful, it was easy to enter deep states of meditation.  

I could tell you hundreds of stories of the incredible states of peace and bliss I experienced just sitting with my teacher.

In fact, the most ancient and sure way to spiritual enlightenment in the east was to live with an enlightened teacher.  

"The Supreme state of being established in one's own real nature, which is so difficult to attain by other means, is easily attained by the grace of an enlightened Siddha."    

(Yogashikha Upanishad, Written 800-1400 B.C.)


But I left the ashram after five years.  I'm a westerner & I wanted to live a normal life.  I wanted to move to New Zealand and learn how to surf! And that's what I did while continuing to meditate. 

But it was quite a shock to experience the stress outside of the ashram.  The state of bliss I always effortlessly enjoyed around my teacher suddenly was much harder to attain on my own.

The fact is, that humanity as a whole vibrates at a high level of stress.  .

Even if you live in the mountains, nature still does not vibrate at an enlightened state of awareness.

So when your whole environment around you vibrates at a level of stress and you want to enter into an enlightened state, you are fighting an uphill battle.

This is why you can read all the teachings you want and struggle with meditation for many hours a day for years and not really get anywhere.  But in the presence of an enlightened teacher, meditation is easy. 

This is why there are ashrams in the east, places where you can go and live with an enlightened teacher.  And over time, just by being in their presence, spiritual enlightenment happens.

But how many of us have access to a fully enlightened master on a daily basis?  How can you enjoy such enlightened presence with a family and full time job without retiring to an ashram?  

Is there a way for us, as westerners, to enjoy the same enlightened presence with our western technology?

And the answer is yes!  

After an incredible spiritual awakening that changed my life and  years of research after that, 

I have found a way to turn such enlightened presence ( Kundalini Shaktipat / Deeksha) into sound.    

By taking energetic samples of various enlightened states of awareness and layering the samples together in a certain way, I can make Shaktipat sounds where you can actually "feel" the bliss.  

In the exact same way it works when you sit with an enlightened teacher,

very gently, the music awakens you to your natural state of unconditional peace.

(While also turning your environment into a meditative sanctuary.)

I have simply taken what has been proven for thousands of years as the sure way to enlightenment and put it onto CD.

Imagine what it would be like if you could pop a CD into your stereo and be filled with incredible peace and love...

Or to be sitting in a crowded airport or mall, delighting in your very own "cocoon" of bliss, simply because you are listening to unique & beautiful music on your headphones...

Really, it's that simple.

Wherever and whenever you listen to the CDs, the music will wash you in a deep state of peace, the same way as though you were a monk living in an ashram with a fully enlightened teacher.  And then effortlessly you experience bliss.

By listening to the CDs over time, your energy channels (Known as nadis, chakras or meridians) get cleansed, bringing you more and more into your natural state of unconditional peace and love all of the time.


Skeptical? Read what other people are already saying about these Kundalini Awakening CDs.


"I am simply blown away!  

The sheer energy of this work is overwhelming! I have never been affected so much (positively) by music.

 I can scarcely explain the affect it has on me.  It is like a catalyst that sparks and inspires so much in me. "

(David C. Freeman, Florida, USA)


"Not sure what you have done here with "The Calling", but WOW

It's an instant bath of stillness. The body vibrates as peace, instantly. How you can put this on a round piece of plastic (CD) is boggling. Thank-you!"

(Jacki Griep, DE, USA)


"The Calling CD's are fantastic - I've have never felt so peaceful listening to any CDs before"

 & I have to confess that I have quite a few binaural
meditation CD's . The peace stays with me thru the day unlike the other CDs where you only get the benefit whilst listening to them."

 (Michele Kon, Australia)


You could be enjoying these benefits:


Increase the effectiveness of your meditations by 10 times- Guaranteed.  Why waste your time any longer struggling on your own or with "brain entrainment" CDs that don't deliver the peace you want.

Tap into your own creativity and intelligence.  Creativity is simply a level of consciousness easily accessed with these CDs.  Many artists & writers listen to the CDs while they work.

Experience a deeper sense of happiness and well being.  Contentment can become a constant experience in your life.

Feel healthier, more alive and increase your longevity.  It is now a proven fact that people who meditate live longer and happier lives.  

Enhance your focus, making it easier for you to attain what you want in life.  Most people don't get what they want in life because their focus is scattered.  This technology  increases your focus and clarity so you can easily attain what you desire.

Awakening the Heart.  Open your spiritual heart and feel connected with everyone around you.  You will have more loving relationships.  Everyone will notice the changes in you.

Enjoy deep states of peace and bliss, often instantly!  Simply by playing one of the CDs.

Fast track the purification process, initiates powerful emotional, mental and even physical healing. Helps remove the blocks that keep you from attaining spiritual enlightenment.  

  Free yourself from all anxiety, fear, and stress.  You can still have thoughts and emotions, by they no longer will control you.  It is an amazing experience.

Enjoy high yoga meditation states & Kundalini Awakening - usually only experienced by accomplished yogis and meditation masters.

If you are a healing practitioner such as a massage therapist, play these CDs for your clients.  The peace they will feel will guarantee that they keep coming back! 

Are you a meditation or yoga teacher? Play these CDs during your sessions.  The music will deepen everyone's experience.  

These CDs are a must for Satsangs, Deeksha givers, Reiki Healing and Spiritual Retreats.  



The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs represents the third epiphany in the Bliss Music Sound technology.  Like it's predecessors, Ocean Euphoric and Shakti Silence, The Calling emanates the very energetic one would experience in the deepest states of meditation.  

While listening to this slow, beautiful music, every cell of your body will be bathed in the vibration of inner peace.

Yet, The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs incorporate a completely new sound technology.  Over two years and thirty thousand dollars in new equipment  and research, (including 2 trips to remote places in India so you don't have to), 

this never before discovered sound technology enables you to enjoy meditations it might have otherwise taken you decades to attain on your own.

The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs transfer this enlightened presence directly to you, beginning a process inside you to help clear all of the blocks that keep you from feeling your true nature of bliss.   

In clearing away such blocks, your energy can flow freely, allowing a greater experience of peace and love to flow through you.  It can even help you with physical healing.  

And as your inner life improves, so does your outer life.  

Life simply becomes easier, without all of the dramas and fears that distract your throughout your day.  You will find that naturally you are more loving and content.

This means the ashram and the Guru comes to you - without all of the religious dogmas.  You live your life the way you want to and still you get all of the benefits of enlightened presence to transform your life.

It makes no difference if you meditate, are seeking enlightenment or you simply want some relaxation.  These CDs will deliver to you what no other CDs can: your natural state of unconditional peace. 

So simply by listening to a CD you can feel incredibly peaceful and blissful?


I not only meditate to them, I listen to them while I sleep.  It is like having another 8 hours a meditation.  Can you imagine what that does for you?

I also listen to them when I travel.  I travel overseas every year on flights and layovers that can last over 24 hours or more.  And if you meditate, you know how incredibly draining it can feel to be around so many people.  But by listening to the CDs on my headphones, I remain in a blissful state the whole time.

In fact, many have reported that meditating to these CDs in crowded places seems to make the bliss that much stronger. 

Instantly wash away your stress.

Do you feel drained going to the mall to run errands?  Have a headache at the end of the day?

When you come home, sit down and listen to one of The Calling CDs.  In just a few minutes, all of that stress from town will be washed away and you will feel amazing.

You'll have heaps more energy.

The more you listen to the CDs, the more you can be in a heightened state of awareness.  It is that simple.

I even listen to them when I go to town and run errands.  So although the energy all around me is quite stressful, I remain in a very high state of awareness. 

Great improvement in health and well-being.

When you feel good, your body's own natural ability to heal itself kicks in.  You can actually feel every cell of your body vibrating in health.  And what an amazing feeling that is!

And it's completely safe.

In fact, you can calm the whole family by playing the CDs in your house.  Great for children, great for pets (my dog even meditates now, no fooling!)

Play them for your children before they sleep and watch their happiness grow.


Want more proof?  Read what other people are saying about The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs:


"How does one really define a euphoric, rapturous, high in the heavenly realm, peaceful, blissful plane in one word! 

I went through many phases of emotions from crying to bliss to peace beyond description.  

I became very creative also after listening to them and of course, I play them while I sleep or otherwise, I don't sleep!  The world needs to know about your work!"

(Gina Hakeem Reavis, Tenn., USA)


"Your music is so fantastic. 

The Calling takes me into deep states of being-ness where  I feel I am in another world and what a world it is! Once again thank you.  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have your superb music."

(Tim Marshall, Australia)


"Straight away I could feel the energy
very powerfully, and I went into a state of extremely deep and relaxed

Louise walked into the room and asked me what the music was.  I
told her, and her eyes suggested she almost could not believe what she was feeling."

(David Martin, Sydney, Australia)

"'The Calling' is the most blissful music I have ever heard in my life..."

(Christine Pronger, Australia)



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Now for your free mp3samples:

Have a listen to one or more of the samples below.  

Take the time while listening to close your eyes and pay attention to the feeling of your breath moving in and out of your nose.  Since breathing is always happening in the present moment, it is an easy way to stay present.



CD 1 (71.26 minutes in length) begins with a hypnotic track to initiate you into the sound technology, moving you into a slow comforting wash of voice and ambience, and then blasting you off into a meditative cosmic ride of lush and exotic wash of sounds.  Followed by more slow and nurturing  meditation music.


1.  Mystic Picasso part 1

2.  Mystic Picasso part 2

3.  Mystic Picasso part 3

4.  Picasso's Haven

5.  Blissful Sea


CD 2 (74 minutes) is many people's favorite.  It begins with the title track, a hypnotic track designed to instantly bring you into a state of trance like bliss then slowly moving you into deep meditation.  From hypnotic to heartfelt, a lot of beautiful music for you to enjoy.

1. The Calling


2.  Initiation

3.  Laughing Buddha

4.  Embrace

5.  Spirit

6.  Song in Ecstasy

Free Bonus #1

You also get a third CD absolutely free (74 minutes in length)  One hour long piece for deep uninterrupted meditation.  This is my favorite as you can listen to it for hours on end. Multiple layers of lush voice and ambience, this music is so gentle that you can sleep to it, making your night an 8 hour meditation.     


1. Paramatman


2.  Blissful Sea 2



Read more quotes from people who are already enjoying incredible transformation with The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs:


"The Calling CDs are amazing! 

It took me a few days to get used to the enormous energy they transmit... in the first listening, I fell asleep immediately. It was like all my circuits just overloaded.   

But now I'm using them in the morning, for my long daily practice and they've profoundly deepened my experience.  

Thank you for creating these CDs...they are truly inspired and are already benefiting me in so many ways."

(Susan Reinhardt, OR, USA)



"Like I said, from the first day I put the CDs on, something happened inside me, positively. 

 I'm an engineer for Pete's sake, who has worked at some of the most incredible high energy physics laboratories in the world. I'm very well acquainted with beat frequencies and their affect on the brain. I'm a certified kung-fu teacher well acquainted with chi and it's flow. I am also a lay minister in one of America's largest denominations, 

and I can't explain it, as much as I have studied, I don't have words for what is happening to me. I had the knowledge, but never truly experienced it for myself. I am inspired beyond inspiration.

This amazing tool appears to strip away the layers, and get down to the state that many never reach in an entire life time. 

Awakened mind, satori, kundalini, Christ consciousness, enlightenment, whatever you want to call it, the energetic of The Calling seems to be the catalyst to move one into those states.  

I can't even imagine what your next CDs will be like."

(David C. Freeman, Florida, USA)


"Your music is divine and a blessing to the world. 

I have been listing during meditation, The Calling Disc 2. The music touches the divinity inside me, and I EXPERIENCE THE BLISS. 

What a amazing music you have created. Thank you for connecting my conscious to super conscious. The Calling Disc 2-  "Spirit" is excellent during healing.  All the meditator needs is to hear The Calling.  Thank you!"

(Jayesh Patel, AZ, USA)



You will receive: The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs: 3CD set containing this enlightened meditation sound technology.

So you can experience the joy that the accomplished Yogis and Meditation Masters talk about.   

Find instant peace during your day simply by playing the CDs.

Turn any environment into a sanctuary of serenity.

Increase your feeling of vitality and well being.  Better focus, emotional harmony, self acceptance and mental clarity.

Kundalini Awakening: Initiate a powerful transformation inside you that will awaken you to your true nature of inner contentment. 


Some other meditation programs could cost you over $400.  And I hope you do not think because these CDs are a fraction of that cost that they are not as good.  

Because in fact, many of those testimonials you read were from people that were on such programs before switching to The Calling CDs.

Right now, I want as many people as possible to benefit from this incredible sound technology so the word spreads.  And to be honest, I want to share this bliss with as many people as possible.   For if you could awaken others to their natural state of peace and bliss, wouldn't you?

So although others may charge you $200+ for a lesser meditation sound technology, 

order now and you can receive all 3 of The Calling Spiritual Awakening CDs for only  $197 $97US  

I am not in this to get rich.  Most of your payment will go right back into the further research and development of this sound technology. 

Over 10% of the profits go to charities that help animals. (a cause dear to my heart)  Charities like Animal Asia and the SPCA.

Frankly,  there are a lot easier and more profitable things to do with my time.  But this music is a labor of love for me.  My love is to deepen your state of peace so the CDs are sold for a lot less than they are worth.   

And chances are, like most of my customers, you will love the CDs so much you will come back for my other CDs in the future.  So in the end, we all win.



"Lou actually said 'this is by far the best value of any CDs we have ever bought'. And I agree."  

(David Martin, Australia)



Have a look at these free bonuses you will also receive:




Free Bonus #1 (a $47value , yours FREE)


You will also receive the E-book: "Absence is Bliss:  The Energetics Of Meditation. "  

If  you are really are serious about spiritual enlightenment, there are certain things you have to know to really go deep in your meditations.  

-Enabling you to make simple changes in your routine that will dramatically increase your flow of subtle energy and experiences of bliss.

-The top methods to fast track your progress to enlightenment including FIVE SIMPLE WAYS you can  completely transform your awareness.

-Discover the hidden traps that keep you stuck in thought identification so you can move beyond the mind and enjoy states of freedom and witness consciousness.

-Become aware of the ways you unconsciously "dump" your energy and take yourself down.  Just about everyone makes these mistakes over and over yet have no idea why they suddenly "lost their bliss."  

Now you can avoid these pitfalls and keep your progress in meditation always moving forward.



"Thank you so much for sharing your book it is such a rich source of guidance and advice I look forward to returning to it often.

The Calling CD's also continue to be a give me great pleasure and much relaxation, they are a fantastic achievement."

(Mike Smith, UK)


"The e-book is also very good, and is right on the mark. The areas you address had been subconsciously nagging at me to deal with for a while. To see them in print just confirms it. I think I almost 'get it', but have to resolve some energy blocks before the light bulb will fully go on. 

Thank you for creating this labor of love, because it surely is an incredible achievement."

(David C. Freeman, Florida, USA)



"I listen to "The Calling" every morning to start my day (and anytime I get stressed!) and it brings such peace to me."

(Diana Alexander, AZ, USA)








Free bonus #2 (Value $40NZ, yours FREE)

Order now and you will also receive a  35 minute MP3 audio of me expertly guiding you into a deep meditation.  

The fact is you can read all about awareness and still not experience it.  I want to make sure you do not end up like so many people that have been meditating for decades and still have no true experience of awareness.  

This audio mp3 will directly give you the experience of awareness that with continued practice will lead you into a state of witness consciousness and freedom.  



"I am so enjoying The Calling AND the MP3 meditation.

 The energy in the MP3 meditation is so strong, I have a hard time staying awake during it.  It just put's me OUT. Each time I listen, I go a little further listening to you before I go out.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us."

(Donna Dillon, AZ, USA)




Free bonus #3  (Usually NZ$120 per hour,  yours FREE)

Expert Consultation Available Anytime

Have any questions about meditation, awareness?  Would you like to be free from those problems that you struggle with on a day to day basis? 

Imagine being able to contact someone by email any time of the day or night who has already attained deep states of peace and can help you do the same.  

I offer free online guidance so you can find answers to problems that you may have been struggling with for years.  You can usually get a response to your questions within 24 hours.  And I can point you in the right direction in meditation.





I know without a doubt that if you listen to these CDs, you will experience incredible peace.  

Hundreds have already.  So I will make it easy for you and remove all of the risk.

Order The Calling Enlightened Spirituality CDs now and listen at least 10 minutes a day.  

If you are not 100% satisfied it has brought you more peace, return the CDs within 100 days and I will refund your entire payment.  You can even keep the free bonuses.




Here's more proof from people who are already enjoying profound states of peace and bliss with The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs:




"To have The Calling is just pure heaven all the time, to sleep with it is beyond pleasure, like having a constant energy transfer all the time.

Every day when I wake up in the morning thank God/consciousness for this gift for the blessing of being alive for living this experience and for sending you as my teacher."

(Rosa Villegas, LA, CA, USA)



"The calm state carries over to the day quite easily...

Yes, the presence on The Calling seems quite palpable. Though I love The Ocean Euphoric and Shakti Silence CDs, there is something special about this third installment."

(Bill O'Brien, NY, USA)



"When The Calling arrived, I put it on while I was putzing around the room.  Without even realizing it,  

I was instantly drawn into a deeply meditative state..."

(Will Cunningham, NY, USA)




Claim Your Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs Now and Receive:

-The Calling Kundalini Awakening CDs containing this unique meditation sound technology that can bring you effortlessly into deep states of peace.  

Plus FREE online access to these great bonuses:

-The "Absence is Bliss" E-book

-"Witness Consciousness" Guided Meditation MP3

-24 hour Online Counseling & Guidance


For far less than you would ever pay for a weekend retreat, you could be enjoying the blissful presence that has been known for thousands of years as the sure way to enlightenment.

And remember, it is risk free.  You can enjoy the CDs for 100 days.  If you are not fully satisfied, return the CDs for a full refund and keep the mp3 and E-book as gifts. You are not even risking one penny.

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Don't be fooled by illegal MP3s of The Calling on the internet, they are fake and will do more harm than good by listening to them.  Only if you order directly from our website is it the real thing.




The fact of the matter is, the one thing outside of yourself that can really fast track your path to spiritual awakening is enlightened presence.  In my experience it is a necessity.  I have not found anything else that works.  To think you can do it without the help of enlightened presence is just shooting yourself in the foot.

The Calling provides such enlightened presence in a way never done before on CD- so you can experience profound states of awareness in your own home, you can even have a kundalini awakening.  

The Calling will start a process in you of deep spiritual transformation that no other CDs can come close to.  

Now it is up to you:

-Whether you want to continue to struggle on your own with minimal results,  

-Move to an ashram in India (don't drink the water!)

-or make it easy  by using this modern version of what has worked better than anything for thousands of years to bring people to deep states of peace and spiritual enlightenment.  


And I promise you, to enjoy the peace that I enjoy every day is priceless.  To sit somewhere, anywhere and be absolutely fulfilled -it just gets better and better...







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It might be one of the greatest things you could do for yourself