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After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created meditation music that transmits to you the direct experience of bliss (Shakti) allowing you to experience deep states of meditation very quickly.

Thousands of People Have Experienced Incredible States of Meditation, Bliss & Ego Transcendence While Meditating to His CDs Like "Infinite Sky," "Pure" &  "Shakti Silence."

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"In the process of spiritual awakening, (and probably just in regular life because we all are moving towards spiritual awakening at some level) you will come to times when you feel that everything is too much.

The intensity of life feels like you just cannot take it anymore.  

This is when transcending the ego can happen.  It is also when all of your meditation practice you have done really shows itself.

Because what is it that you cannot take and who is it that cannot take it anymore?

At one level, it is your identification with thoughts.  You have a concept you hold on to of how life is supposed to be, how you are supposed to be and the present circumstance has blown that concept right out of the water.  The way you think it should be has been proven false by the way life actually is.

At another level, there is intense energy behind those attachment to thoughts.  It is not that you can just drop the thoughts so easily.  There is huge attachment to them as being the truth and there is a huge amount of energy held behind those thoughts.  And when that energy is released, it can almost feel like that energy will annihilate you.

And if you are aware, if you surrender to what is, it will annihilate you.

But what is this ‘you’ that you are protecting? What is this ‘you’ that cannot take it anymore?
That will be annihilated?

It is only your identification with thoughts: a concept of ‘me’ that limits and binds you
to a sense of separateness and conflict with this moment.

When you allow what is to be, when you allow what you cannot take anymore to be,
the one that cannot take it anymore is surrendered.  The identification with the
limiting sense of me that is resistant to what is, is surrendered. 

This is transcending the ego.

And in ego transcendence, intense energy is freed. The energy that is peace,
that is bliss, that is consciousness.  The energy that you were so afraid of before
turns out to be peace itself, bliss itself, love itself.

In transcending the ego, you give up the sense of me that is resistant to what is
and your attention is freed into formless consciousness & peace.

This is where you realize the immense power  of what is really here,
what is really running the show, what you really are.

You can go completely beyond the personal sense of me, beyond the physical, mental
and emotional experience where you are free into infinite consciousness and bliss.

And this bliss takes over everything.  It heals you, nurtures you at every level.
It brings everything back into peace.

And when you come out of this temporary experience of trancending the ego, you come out different than you came in.  You come out much lighter.

A large chunk of your sense of self that is in conflict with life has disappeared
and in its place is peace, is consciousness; is wide awaken-ness.

This is not aggressive in any way.  It is your resistance to what you are experiencing
that creates the conflict, that creates aggression.

When that is surrendered, you come in contact with the most loving and nurturing peace.

Much love,

transcending the ego