Learn The Art Of Witnessing:  The Key To Freedom From The Mind

"There is no end
to trying to figure it out.

The mind 
is an endless puzzle 
that has no solution. 

If it had a solution, 
that would be the end 
of the reign of mind, 
and the mind does not want that.

The mind wants to exist
and it gets it's power
from you identifying with it.

And so it continues
to grab your attention
any which way it can. 

Just like a TV channel. 
The TV channel's purpose 
is to keep you watching. 

That is what it wants. 

So you are sitting there
and the TV channel
puts you on a tropical island
with beautiful people,
then you are flying an airplane,
then you are chasing bad guys.

But it has nothing to do with 
what is actually happening. 

What is actually happening
is you are sitting on the couch, 
drinking a cup of tea.

But in your experience,
there is no couch or tea.
How could there be when 
you are flying an airplane?

It is the same with mind.

The thoughts are constantly
grabbing your attention.
And so the world you know to be real
is made up of your thoughts.

But if you really look
beyond your thinking
at what is here,

you would experience
something totally different
than what the mind perceives.

Something that even if I tried
to describe to you,
you would miss.

Because then it would become 
it would become an interpretation
of what is actually here.

For you to truly find out 
what is here beyond interpretation,
you have to look.

It is this looking that is most important,
it is the witnessing what is here
that sets you free.

Whether you are witnessing thoughts
witnessing sensations
it is all about the witnessing
not the objects themselves.

Not the knowledge 
of what you witnessed a second ago,
but the looking right here and now.

Not witnessing to get something,
because then you are back
in the mind.

The witnessing itself is fulfillment.

The witnessing itself
is joy.

This is the key to freedom.



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