bliss meditation music

Deep Meditation Music with
The Latest Shakti Sound Technology
Already Awakening Hundreds into Unconditional Peace & Bliss

Just feel like I want to bow my head to this amazing energy."*
"'Reverence', that is what this music makes me feel.

It's as Close as I Can Describe to Being in The Presence of God. (the Energy of All That is)

(Rosa Villegas, CA, USA)
The Loving Energy is Helping open
Up My Mind to a Clarity That is Beyond Words."*
"I received the Pure CDs and was drawn to listen to Purnam. WOW!
Listening to the CDs I feel a loving vibration in my body. I was feeling it with Infinite Sky but this feels a bit different.
I Get This Shiver Running through My Body (Pleasant Feeling),
And if You Buy Both Sets for This Special Price You Will Also Receive Tons of Free Bonuses That Will Deepen Your Experience of Peace Even More:

I know without a doubt that if you listen to these CDs, you will experience incredible peace. 

So I will make it easy for you and remove all of the risk.

Order The Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music now and listen at least 15 minutes a day. 

If you are not 100% satisfied it has brought you more peace, return the CDs within 100 days and I will refund your entire payment.  You can even keep the free bonuses.
deep meditation music
Announcing "Pure" The Latest Shaktipat CDs
for Deep Meditation, Awakening the Kundalini & Experiencing
Unconditional Peace & Oneness
Dear Friends,

Most of you already know the incredible benefits of Shakti from meditating with my past CDs such as Infinite Sky, The Calling and Ocean Euphoric. 

For those that do not know, Shakti is the energy vibration of spiritual enlightenment that awakens you into enlightenment.  You might feel Shakti as unconditional bliss, peace, love or as energy moving through or around your body.  However you feel it, it is the energy of pure consciousness and its very nature is to awaken you back into pure consciousness bliss.

Without Shakti, meditation can be incredibly frustrating and usually leads to only very superficial
meditation experience.  More often than not, without Shakti,  you end up trying "do" meditation;
trying to force yourself into a meditative state which ultimately takes you further away from peace. 

With Shakti, you just allow the energy to naturally bring you into deep meditation with hardly any
active effort at all.  When you receive Shakti, it begins to nourish every cell of your body in pure
unconditional peace.  And once you begin to feel that peace, all you have to really do is allow
your attention to rest in that peace and allow it to take you into deep peace and meditation.  
It really can be that easy.

Shakti is nothing new, it has been documented for thousands of years in the East as the means
to realize enlightenment.

In the past, the only way to receive Shakti was from a fully enlightened meditation master.  But
after a profound spiritual awakening, I found a way to deliver Shakti through sound.  I found a way to record Shakti with special audio equipment and turn it into sound and the sound into deep meditation music.

Simply by Playing The CDs, Deep Meditation Happens. You Can Awaken to Your Natural State of Unconditional Bliss Just by Listening to this "Shakti Music."

You could easily experience
Awakening the kundalini
Unconditional Peace & Bliss

Oneness- The Feeling of No Separation

Opening of the Various Chakras

Feeling of Transcending the Mind & Ego - Absolute freedom from  yourself and all the worries that hold you down in unhappiness 

Awakening the Kundalini Energy- Awakening both the energy pathway that moves up the spine as well as the energy of the entire body.

Spiritual Awakening - Realize your true nature of peace.  That you are consciousness itself, bliss itself, love itself.

Deep Nurturance and Healing
- The Shakti will nurture every cell of your being back into its natural state of peace

Transcend Deep Rooted Fear & Separation - Very naturally without any analysis, negative unconscious patterns are transformed into peace.

Witness Consciousness - Become the witness to your thoughts and emotions from a place of pure awareness.

Samadhi - The Quiescent State of Formless Consciousness

States of Unconditional Love & Devotion - Experience Bhava, Absorption in Divine Love

Visions & Much More
Pure Meditation Music
Pure is a 3 CD set with an option of getting an extra 2 CD set of very soothing and deep meditation music.  There are 2 tracks per CD and each track is over 30 minutes long allowing you to go very deep in meditation.  That's over 5 hours of meditation music to choose from!

It took over 3 years and thousands of dollars just to create this new Shaktipat Sound Technology on the Pure CDs and I am sure you will find it was worth it

I call these CDs "Pure" because just about every sound you hear on these CDs is the actual Shakti energy awakening you into peace and meditation.  It also seems to awaken that state that is felt as pure peace, pure silence, pure love.

Each track carries both a certain set of Shakti "strands" found on all of the
as well as its very own set of Shakti strands unique to that particular track.  That means you will feel the bliss slightly differently on every track.  You might feel one track more as a heart opening, another awakening deep silence, another awakening a very nurturing peace...
CD for awakening the kundalini
There is also a new way of delivering Shakti on these CDs that are not found on any of the others, particularly on the tracks "Kundalini Kali" on the Pure 3 CD set and "Purnam" found on the Pure Volume 2 CD set.

"Kundalini Kali" focuses on awakening the kundalini energy along the Kundalini pathway located along the pathway from the base of your spine, up your spine, up through the back of your head and out the top of your head.   Those that have heard this track so far have reported very pleasurable ecstatic energy rising up their spine while listening to it.  Although this track is very powerful it is completely safe.  

There is nothing on any of these CDs that will do anything but gently awaken you into your true nature of peace.
"Purnam" helps awaken Bhava Samadhi, the state of absorption into pure love.  Like "Kundalini Kali," the energy on this track is also incredibly powerful and you will feel the bliss on this track in a completely new way.

I want to point out that these are not "brain entrainment" CDs or some new age gimmick.  The Pure Shakti CDs are the real thing, CDs that have the power to awaken you into your true nature of unconditional peace.  There are no synthesized sounds that you often hear in new age music, everything is completely natural. 

On a personal note, I find these CDs miraculous.  The energy of peace that is emitted out of the music awakens you to your true nature.   You could practice meditation for many years and not even come close to what you could experience within a few minutes of listening to these CDs. 

It is no easy task to keep Bliss Music afloat with problems of piracy and illegal copying of the music, but there is something that gets conveyed in this music which is far beyond me, far beyond anything.  It awakens the truth, the essence of what you are.  And the essence of what you are is unconditional peace, unconditional love.  And if you can begin to feel this bliss and value this bliss, then you will experience life in a completely new way.  All of the negativity gets washed away when you really give yourself to this peace.

And the "Pure CDs" radiates this peace very powerfully, very uniquely.  And if buy these CDs and use them, take advantage of the peace that these CDs radiate, then I have no doubt you will move into a deeper state of bliss.  Something will begin to awaken you that you cannot put into words, but you will feel the bliss in that, and you will recognize that bliss as what you are.

Here are some of the ways you can use the CDs beyond sitting meditation:

You can listen to them while you sleep.  You can either listen to them once through as you go to sleep or all night long to turn your sleep time into meditation.

Play them any time of the day no matter what you are doing (except for driving) to awaken that feeling of peace and bliss in you.  You now have the tool to awaken the bliss, why not use it as much as possible?

Have to run errands?  Play these CDs on your portable CD or mp3 player while
you go shopping.  It will make a huge difference.
  Instead of taking on all the stress
that comes from a busy shopping mall, you will find yourself in your own cocoon of
peace as you listen to the music on your headphones.

Do you take public transportation? Put these Meditation CDs on your mp3 player
and listen to them on buses, trains, taxis, airplanes and airports.
You can be in
a crowd of busy minded people and be in such an incredible state of pure bliss. 

Bring them to work and listen to them in your coffee break for a 5 minute rest and
recharge.  You will be amazed what a difference this could make in a long
work day.

Play the Pure CDs when you have visitors.  It will make anyone feel completely relaxed without them even knowing why.  It will initiate a more conscious conversation, people become more respectful, more loving, less aggressive.

Boosts Creativity.  If you are an artist, try playing the CDs while you create.  Some very great artists and writers listen to the CDs while they work.

Use them for Yoga or Tai Chi.  If you teach yoga, meditation or Tai Chi, play these CDs in your class.  It can make everyone have an incredibly deep meditative experience.  They'll want to come to every class you give!

Hundreds of healing practitioners play them for clients while giving massages, Reiki and other healing arts. 

Clear Emotional Blocks.   If you are ever under emotional or mental distress, sit down and listen to the CDs for a few minutes.  The Shakti itself will help transform all of the negative feelings back into peace.  Even after a few minutes you will feel much lighter and clear.

Awakening Kundalini Energy.  Shakti is the main way to awaken the Kundalini Energy.  All of the tracks will awaken the kundalini energy in you in their own unique way, while the track "Kundalini Kali" can help awaken great ecstatic energy along your spine.

Has been successfully used to cure depression, anxiety, and stress.  I do not wish to make any medical claims as I am not a doctor but many have used the CDs to come off of anti-depressants.
meditation music
Without saying anymore, have a listen to the samples and feel for yourself what the Pure Shakti CDs can do for you. (For best sound quality on these samples listen with headphones.)
I Am The Sun
Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music CD 1
Bliss 31
Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music CD 2
Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music CD 3
Kundalini Kali
Love Joy Devotion
Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music CD 4
Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music CD 5
For She Who Tears Apart Thought
awakening kundalini

Although the sound quality of these samples are not as good as the CDs, you can still feel that peace that this meditation music emits.  You can still feel something happening on a subtle level even after a couple of minutes.

The Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music simply awakens your natural state of unconditional peace that you are meant to experience in life.  The kind of peace that you only enjoy in deep unconscious sleep when your mind is at rest.  The rest that you need in order to function in day to day life. 

Most people notice the bliss in these CDs on their first listen.  For some it will be a gradual deepening.  However it is for you, listening to these CDs on a regular basis can turn your life into one of pure inner joy.  If you are on the spiritual path, the energy on these CDs will be an immense help, guiding you into deeper and deeper states of pure consciousness.
yoga meditation
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Here is what people are saying about the Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music:
(Jacki Griep, MN, USA)
"All of the tracks are divine however I am so loving Disc 4 - Volume 2 (Purnam and Celestial) tracks.
and also there is something so familiar about it, I can’t explain it. The center of my palms heat up as soon as I start listening to the tracks. It is amazing how you captured this on disc. Well done, I love your work.

Also, with regard to Disc 1 (Volume 1), I put that on this morning on my way to dropping my girls off to school, and my little one who is usually on edge (even whilst doing her grateful prayers) listened to the first track, and something happened. When I got to school to drop them off,
She Said to Me That She Has Never Felt So Calm. I Was So Happy to Hear That, You Could See The Peace in Her Face. She Was So Different Kip, She Was So Happy But Not Just “Normal” Happy, Her Happiness Was Emanating from Within.*
I immediately recognized that and knew at the point in time, that I was doing the right thing, by putting on those tracks in the morning. It will help them, and me greatly.

Saying thank you, is just not enough. I am so appreciative, so grateful, so thankful for this music and for everything in my life."
(Anusha Mothilall, S. Africa)
"I listened to the samples and
I continue to use your CDs during my healing sessions and meditations with self
and groups. Everyone loves them."
Immediately I Could Feel My Crown Chakra Open and Energy Moving...*
(Ronnie Cooperman, USA)
"Tears of gratitude streamed down my face this morning as your voice and music like a pillow lifted me to the bottom of the present moment where I melted in the Bliss and Peace. Your new CD's are amazing!"*
(Jitka Slamova, Czech Republic)
"Sometimes I sit for what felt like a few minutes yet a few hours pass and I keep hitting the play button over and over.*
I am so amazed at you and your work. "
(James Sinclair, Canada)
"Beautiful Sound - Pure Bliss. *
Thank god I clicked on to your site on Facebook!  Best move I ever made.
Roll on the next CDs. Thanks"
(Noel Beggs, Ireland)
"The track which impresses me the most is " kundalini kali". All the tracks are extraordinary but this one is definitely the one I meditate with everyday, one session in the morning and one in the night.
I felt the bliss along the spine and in my experience, I even felt the shakti rising above the crown chakra, as if it went above, got the spirit of GOD or whatever, and descends back into the heart, awakening the experience of presence and utter wholeness. And, I might sound crazy, but I'm just in love with it, devotional!*
"Purnam" is also incredible with " love joy devotion", these two seem to act on the heart and crown chakra at the same time, and leave a pressure in the middle of the forehead where I experience stillness of consciousness and expansion of it as well. "
(Kévin Salmeron, France)
"The bliss (of the Pure CDs) seems to be of another quality, more refined. I would describe it as divinely beautiful and divinely intoxicating.

The effects of Kundalini Kali for me seem to work like a time release through the rest of the day and the next day. I can tell that a lot of Shakti is in play. I really love all of the CDs but
Himalaya has some kind of special sound/Energy for me and the Bliss is just exquisite.

You can't really adequately describe this music and what it does. It just needs to be experienced.*

I wish that many many people come to experience it. Thank you so much Kip."
(Larry Ivey, Canada)
"Have been listening to the Pure CD for the last week-simply amazing is all I can say!

Will never return to Centerpointe now, these are that good my friend!"*
(Jim Jackson, USA)
"When I wake first thing in the morning I am kind of groggy and grouchy. So I slip one of the CDs  in my player and I sit up in bed and I listen sometimes it takes a while but then
all of a sudden I feel the peace and all the groggy grouchiness dissolves, I don't know where it goes, and I rest in the peace*
and I make it a habit every morning not to get out of my bed until I feel the peace. Then I can begin my day rooted in peace.... I am so grateful for you meditation CDs"
(Kate Appel, NJ, USA)
"Thank you so much for the Pure CDs. It's such a blessing to have them.
It's pure peace , pure love and pure shakti.*
We are using them in our personal meditation, in our yoga classes and during the massage and reiki sessions with my clients.

The clients are deeply touched without knowing that they are receiving something very precious from the Pure CD-s that we are playing during the sessions.

Secret waves of peace and bliss are entering them, changing their lives step by step.

Our hearts are in gratitude."
(Haridas and Krishnapriya, Romania)
"I Am Loving The Pure CD's. *
They are part of my day, every day. I sometimes even have them going while I work!"
(Sharee Watts, NZ)
I paid extra to have environmentally friendly CD packaging, using soy based inks, recycled board and eco CD trays.  That means you are supporting sustainable forestry and reducing the carbon footprint.

If you buy the Pure 3 CD set and the Pure "Volume 2" 2 CD set separately, the both would cost you US$200.00.   

But for a Limited Time, I Will Offer Both CD sets, that is 5 CDs of Meditation Music with The New Shakti Sound Technology, for only $137.00 (Take an extra 10$ off if you order today) US$127.00

-That's a Savings of US$73.00 and Over 5 Hours of Meditation Music.
Free bonus #1 "How to Live an Enlightened Life." E-book (A $47 Value, Yours FREE)
-How meditation frees you from being confined to the mind/ego experience.

-What is the main obstacle to enlightenment and how to overcome it.

-The Nature of Shakti and how it awakens you into meditation.
Free bonus #2 "Prana Breathing Techniques & Chants for Purification & Spiritual Awakening." E-book (A $77 Value, Yours FREE)
spiritual awakening book
In this E-book you will learn about the nature of the mind and how to go beyond it in order to experience your true nature of unconditional bliss. 

You will also learn about how Shakti works, and how to bring bliss into every part of your life so that you are actually living an enlightened life.

It also explains very clearly 
Many have been asking about this and now this information is finally available.  This E-book contains Eastern Breathing Techniques and various chants that can help purify the mind and awaken you into deep meditation.  Practicing one of these techniques for a few minutes before your meditation can make it very easy for you to slip right into deep states of stillness.

Some of the breathing techniques can be practiced all day long no matter what you are doing to keep you energized in bliss.

There is one prana breathing technique in here that if you practice it during your meditation with the CDs will absolutely take you into very deep states of bliss.  I cannot see how it couldn't.

The E-book contains:
meditation ebook
-6 prana breathing exercises to purify and awaken pure consciousness

-The teaching of Chakra Meditation, seed mantras that awaken and balance the energy centers in your body.

-Several chants and different ways to chant them.

-How to repeat the chants with the proper breathing so that the breath also purifies your mind and body.

-How to awaken Bhakti through chanting that could lead to states of Bhava Samadhi
Free bonus #3 "Audio Guided Prana Breathing Techniques & Chants for Purification & Spiritual Awakening on MP3."(A $67 Value, Yours FREE)
In these mp3s I guide you through 6 different breathing techniques, 2 different mantras with 5 different variations of ways to chant it. 


-Longer and Shorter versions of the same breathing techniques so that once you
master the shorter versions you can move on to the longer more advanced sessions. 
Some of these are only a couple of minutes long, easily done before you begin
your meditation so that you are very clear and aware.

-3 Breathing techniques to open the heart

-Breathing technique for Kundalini Awakening.  Learn how to awaken
the energy along the kundalini pathway through breathing.

-Slow chants.

-Fast chants with different variations of breathing.

-A guided chant to awaken love and possibly Bhava Samadhi, the state
of pure absorption in divine love.  This chant is really nice to meditate to also.
prana meditation
Free bonus #3 "2 Guided Chakra Meditations." MP3s (A $47 Value, Yours FREE)
Two Chakra meditations, one a bit shorter if you don't have time, one a bit longer if you do to help bring all of the energy centers into balance so the the Shakti can flow freely through your body.  Doing this chakra meditation where you chant "seed mantras" for a few minutes every day can make a huge difference to opening up the energy pathways in the body allowing more and more peace to flow through.
kundalini energy
"I also followed the Chakra Meditation yesterday and experienced deep peace. I just melted away in your voice.

Honestly I am very grateful!"
(Jitka Slamova, Czech Republic)
Free bonus #4 "30 Minute Guided Meditation on MP3."  (A $47 Value, Yours FREE)
Let me guide you into a deep state of meditation and bliss with one of the Pure soundtracks in the background.  Meditation does not have to be difficult.  And with this guided meditation you will discover how easy it is to effortlessly move into deep nurturing peace.
Free bonus #5  (Usually NZ$120 per hour,  yours FREE)
Expert Online Consultation on Meditation Available Anytime

Have any questions about meditation, awareness?  Would you like to be free from those problems that you struggle with on a day to day basis?

I offer free online guidance so you can find answers to problems that you may have been struggling with for years whether it been in meditation or your outer life.  Simply send me an email with your question and problem and you can usually get a response to your questions within 24 hours.  
Free bonus #6 Online Live Shakti Awakening Meditations
(Value $40NZ per session, yours FREE)

Free Access to the Online Group Meditation Shaktipat Awakening Sessions with Me

Just sign up for free, click on the website link at the time of the session and I will be there on live audio stream.  I will guide you in a meditation, talk a little, maybe answer people's questions, but the main part is the transmission of this Shakti Energy that awakens you into deep meditation & bliss.
This was my first call with you and I really didn't know what to expect, but by the end of the call I felt like a gentle, warm cloud of love was enveloping me. It was almost tangible.

When I woke the next morning, I felt an amazing total stillness. So -- I thank you from the bottom of my heart." 
(Diana Alexander, AZ, USA)
"I was on the session on Sunday & I honestly can say that I don't ever remember a feeling of such peace & love wash over me. Ever.
I have covered everything.  And pretty much if you listened to the samples and felt the bliss you already know what these CDs will do for you.  Now I ask that you support this music by buying a copy for yourself and not making copies for others.  Without your support and honesty this music cannot be made.

So you can order just the 3 CD set for $97.00 plus shipping,

Or Order All 5 CDs Now, Save US$73.00 and Get Tons of Bonuses Worth over $300 that Will Also Deepen Your Experience of Peace Considerably.
You will receive:
Shakti Meditation
Yoga Meditation Music
-The Pure Shakti 5 CD set of Deep Meditation Music containing the latest Bliss Music Shaktipat Meditation Sound Technology. (Over 5 hours of music to choose from.)

"How to Live an Enlightened Life"  E-book

Prana Breathing Techniques & Chants for Purification & Spiritual Awakening." E-book

Audio Guided Prana Breathing Techniques & Chants for Purification & Spiritual Awakening on MP3.

2 Guided Chakra Meditations." MP3s

30 Minute Guided Meditation on MP3

That's Over 100 Minutes in Free MP3s Alone

Free Online Consultation

Free Access to the Group Meditation & Shakti Awakenings with Me by Phone
All for only $137 US$127 (Extra $10 Off if You Order Today) 
So Click Here Now to Have Your Pure Shakti Deep Meditation CDs Sent Directly to Your Door
You will be very happy you did.

Thank you for your support

and much love to you,

Kip Mazuy

Bliss Music
kip mazuy
PS:  If you're still on the fence, have a listen to the samples, meditate with them, experience the peace you feel just by listening for a couple of minutes. 

And remember the 100 day money back guarantee.
Deep Meditation music with a unique shaktipat sound technology great for awakening kundalini and spiritual awakening in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand.
Pure Shakti Transmission On CD -
Deep Meditation Music
(*These are real testimonials from real customers but everyone will have their own unique experience with the music.)